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Looking to build a muscular physique without using harmful steroids?

For serious bodybuilders like you, all you really want to achieve is a ripped, well-toned, and solid physique in the shortest possible time. It takes countless hours of working out in the gym and eating the right diet, which means that it can take months before you see any noticeable gains.

To speed up the muscle-building process, some turn to anabolic steroids and prohormones, which can be effective – but these can also yield negative and potentially dangerous side effects to the body.

Build muscle mass without risking your health by taking Worldwide Nutrition’s Anabolic Accelerator.

Each serving (3 capsules) of our muscle growth supplement provides your body with 60mg of Laxosterone, a patented extract that is derived from Smilax scobinicaulis, a climbing shrub that grows in Asia and America.

Studies show that Laxosterone contains natural compounds that deliver incredible anabolic effects – supporting lean muscle growth, speeding up your metabolism, and boosting muscle performance during exercise.

Unlike traditional steroids, our plant-based supplement won’t cause any negative side effects or contribute to liver toxicity.

Need more time to make up your mind? Check out more features of our supplement right here:
✅ Promotes nitrogen retention
✅ No PCT (post cycle therapy) required
✅ All-natural ingredients
✅ Maximizes muscle size and vascularity
✅ Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon

Get that ripped and muscular body in no time. Add Worldwide Nutrition’s Anabolic Accelerator to your cart NOW!✅ SPEED UP MUSCLE GROWTH – Our laxosterone supplement is all about accelerating lean muscle growth and development, allowing you to hit your muscle-building targets in the shortest possible time.
✅ BRING DOWN CORTISOL LEVELS – Our anabolic supplement reduces high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that has been linked to unhealthy weight gain, muscle weakness, acne, and slow muscle recovery.
✅ EASILY ABSORBED – Our muscle builder supplement contains Bioperine black pepper extract, which is meant to maximize the absorption, utilization, and digestion of our product’s ingredients.
✅ NO SIDE EFFECTS – Our muscle growth accelerator does not cause any unwanted side effects that are usually linked to steroid use, such as acne, difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure, or weight gain.
✅ RECOVER FASTER – Our health supplement speeds up post-workout muscle recovery, allowing you to get back to exercising the next day without feeling too much muscle soreness, fatigue, or aching.


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