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Third Millenium Equipoise is conceivably the most comprehensive blueprint on global governance and security to appear on the scene at the close of the twentieth century. It attempts to take up the thread where some of the most distinguished reports of our times – Our Common Future, Our Global Neighbourhood, the Report of the Canberra Commission – left the resolution of the problems to future generations after indicating several tantalising pathways.
A grand synthesis along these lines for ushering in the Age of Humanism has probably never appeared before in print. It is a book which, after laying the groundwork for global harmony, spells out the discrete steps which can be taken towards this goal. It is an elegant model which, due to its very simplicity, can be put into effect almost immediately. The book being free of encumbrances, cross references, footnotes and the like makes for smooth reading.
The book has been nearly twenty years in the making. It relies heavily on the author’s (unpublished) monographs circulated privately to prestigious bodies like the United Nations, SIPRI and world leaders on the forefront of nuclear disarmament in the 1980’s. It represents one of the most cogent presentations to date for the resolution of the nuclear impasse.


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