The Hardgainer’s Cookbook: How to Eliminate the problem of being a hard-gainer. Once, and for all.



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All around the world people struggle every day with putting on muscle mass. People throw themselves into the gym and pound down thirty plus sets trying to put on muscle wondering why they can’t put on muscle mass. They shovel down what they believe to be a large amount of food and then struggle to wonder why they can’t put on muscle mass. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that hard, there are ways to train more efficiently, to eat more efficiently, and overcome the challenges of being a hard-gainer or busting through plateaus, and it comes down to a commitment and reworking the way your thinking, eating, and training goes in order to address all parts of the equation. What you’ll learn: – How to set goals that will actually motivate you to perform – How to eliminate waste in your workouts to make them more efficient so you get more for less, requiring you to eat less. – How to increase your daily calorie intake in a way that is sustainable and will prevent feelings of sickness. – How to tap into the berserker mindset in order to train with the intensity necessary to sustain and accelerate muscle growth. – How to take these same concepts out of the gym and conquer in life. Plus 20+ recipes for incredible dirty bulking high-protein meals, including a simple two-ingredient bodybuilder-friendly beef-jerky recipe that will allow you to stay on track with your diet on the road. What are you waiting for? Make the commitment to abandon the hard-gainer problem once and for all and make some gains.


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