The Book of Bulking: Workouts, Groceries, and Meals for Building Muscle



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The quick version: 3 routines, 30+ exercise videos, 7 recipes, and a grocery list – all for building muscle.

The long version:


The two biggest problems people face when trying to build muscle are undoubtedly poorly programmed routines and a lack of calories. Most people I see are using routines that suck. It could be due to a lack of forced progression, leading you to hitting a quick plateau. Or it could simply be unbalanced, leading to poor posture and injury. Either way, you won’t get stronger or build muscle efficiently with a bad routine.

Even after I initially made the choice to put on weight and stop being skinny, it took me months of effort and experimentation to figure out a diet that worked – both for my wallet and my stomach. I have tweaked it and refined it over the last 3 years. The included grocery list and sample meal plan should make affording and consuming a high calorie diet far easier.

Between my own experience and my experience working with numerous clients as a personal trainer, I have developed a set of workout routines and eating systems that will help you build muscle and get stronger – at an optimal rate. I believe you will find the included workouts challenging and effective; and the grocery list and sample meals delicious and affordable.

Inside this book you get:

3 Bulking Routines
1. The Bodyweight Bulking Routine – using only your bodyweight
2. The Dumbbell Bulking Routine – perfect for your home or the hotel gym
3. The Born To Bulk Routine – my full-on bulking routine, you’ll need access to a gym

Access To My Video Exercise Library
– Videos of all exercises contained in the routines, performed by yours truly
– Audio narrations and text description of proper form
– The ability to comment and ask questions regarding form for each and every exercise

The Bulking Grocery List
The 25 items I recommend and buy myself to put on weight with descriptions of why I chose each and what considerations you should take in regards to brand, type, etc. You also will get a printable list to take to the store with you.


6 Sample Bulking Meals
Recipes and preparation directions for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners (one quickly prepared and one slightly more elaborate for each). These are my goto meals – use them.

Bonus: Beastly Weight Gainer Shake Recipe
This gainer shake contains 700 calories of pure awesomeness.

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