TGS All Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder – Unflavored 5lb



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What’s in Our All Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder?

Grade A undenatured whey protein powder concentrate and sunflower lecithin for easy dissolvability. Just two ingredients. Only The Good Stuff.


– GMO free
– Soy free
– rBGH growth hormone free
– Gluten free
– No preservatives
– No artificial colors or flavors
– No artificial sweeteners
– No fillers
– No added sugar

Undenatured – Made in the USA

Our natural whey protein powder is made in the USA using an advanced filtration system that gently processes whey to prevent the protein structure from becoming denatured. The process ensures the native amino acid profile is maintained.

Unflavored Unsweetened – Take Control of Your Flavors

Unflavored whey protein powder is not tasteless, it has a natural taste of whey. Some like it plain with water, some with milk and others get creative by adding extracts, fruits, milks, and natural powders. Have vanilla on Monday, strawberry on Tuesday, chocolate on Wednesday. Never get tired of the same flavor.

Our whey is commonly used for convenience in a meal replacement smoothie with fruits, vegetables, milks, nuts, seeds etc. It’s consistency helps satisfy hunger. Also ideal as a post-workout muscle recovery drink.


TGS Nutrition – A Company by Health Conscious People Like You

We’re health conscious individuals who know the importance of clean ingredients. In 2013, our active lifestyles lead us on a search for a high quality, junk free, clean whey protein supplement. We searched for two things: 1. A premium quality whey protein powder 2. A trusted protein supplement company. Dissatisfied and inspired, we decided to start our own company – TGS Nutrition (The Good Stuff)

Our mission is simple – To provide clean high quality supplements without cutting any corners.

Give us a try and rest assured you’re drinking The Good Stuff.Pure Whey: Only 2 ingredients. NO additives, fillers, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
Ideal For: Both Men and Women. High protein, low carb, low calorie. Perfect for low carb diets, post workout muscle recovery, meal replacement drinks, and general supplementation
Clean Yet Affordable: Non GMO, soy free, gluten free, hormone free, rBGH free. A healthy alternative to organic protein powders
Unflavored and Unsweetened: Take control of your flavors, have what you want when you want and never get tired of the same taste
Made in USA: Grade A cold processed undenatured whey protein concentrate for optimal quality. 25g of protein per serving. 75 servings. Resealable 5 lb bag great for travel


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