ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt (10MM Wide) – Proper Weightlifting Form – Lower Back and Lumbar Support for Exercises, Powerlifting Workouts, Deadlifts (X-Large, Black/White)



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LIFT YOUR FITNESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! At ProFitness we know how important it is to have a Healthy Mind and Body, to Eat Clean and Stay Fit. We also know how important it is to have the right equipment to support you on your path to fitness! When designing & refining all our products, we consult Top Athletes in their field. They not only offer advice, but also extensively test our products to the max, checking for comfort, fit, durability and performance under high intensity, heavy duty workouts. So, we can be sure that our ProFitness 10mm Weightlifting Belts will continue to surpass all your expectations. COMFORT & SUPERB FIT! We know athletes lead busy lives, so we designed our Classic Powerlifting Belts to be used AS SOON as you open the packaging! ALL our belts in the Classic Series are PRE BROKEN-IN! So, you can take it to the gym Today and use it Today, without needing to take the time out of your busy schedule to soften it up first! The primary purpose of a weight lifting belt is to Engage your Abdominal Muscles, so the right fit it crucial. Our Belts are incredibly comfortable and give the kind of fit you know will support and protect, no matter what lift you are performing. Because it’s already broken-in, you will always achieve the ultimate grip when it matters. It is perfect for lifts needing Torso Grip, for extra security mid-lift! UNPARALLELLED QUALITY! You can tell just How Special our Competition Belts are, as soon as you touch them. Made to IPF Specifications; All the products used in the design of Each and Every Belt are sourced from the Highest Quality Materials. We only use 100% Genuine Leather for our Power Lifting Belts, so you can be sure of 100% Quality. From the Reinforced Double Stitching to give it Maximum Strength and Endurance, to the Ultra Heavy Duty Single Prong Buckle and Seamless Roller for fast, safe interchanging on your lifts.PRE BROKEN-IN LEATHER: At last, a Heavy Duty 100% Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt that can be used Straight Out of the Pack, with No Breaking-In Required. Which means you can Start Working-out Straight Away, as if your Brand-New Belt was a Comfortable Old Favourite! Available in 2 colours.
HEAVY DUTY BELT FOR HEAVY DUTY LIFTERS: At 4″ Wide and 10mm Thick, this Weight Lifting Belt is perfect for Really Heavy Powerlifting, Strongman, Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding and Intense Cross Training Workouts. The Non-Tapered Front Reduces Stress on the Back, working as a Brace to Support & Protect your Abdominal Wall & Lumbar Area for Heavier Lifting & Injury Prevention.
SINGLE-PRONGED ADJUSTMENT: Easy, Fast and Efficient to Use. The Ultra-Heavy Duty Single Prong on our Lifting Belt, gives you Fast Adjustment when you need it most, so you can Perform at your Maximum Strength for: Powerful Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Lunges, Hip Thrusts, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Squats, Deadlifts, ‘Leg Days’, and More!
ULTIMATE BACK PROTECTION: Our Lifting Belts are Extremely Strong and Durable, Stabilizing the Spine & Protecting your Lower Back and Core Muscles whenever you lift. And because our Premium Weightlifting Belts come in 5 Different Sizes, you can be sure of Ultimate Protection & Support. For the Correct Size, Measure your Belly Circumference, NOT PANT SIZE!
CUSTOMER SERVICE: At ProFitness we are Very Proud of our High-Quality Products and Outstanding Customer Service. We want you to have the Very Best Buying Experience, so if you have Any Issues, please contact us and We Will Put it Right – FAST!


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