Original-HGH Booster Supplement – Recommended and Distributed by Doctors

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Original-HGH naturally stimulates your bodys ability to produce HGH with no side effects. Naturally restore hormone levels so you’ll feel youthful, healthy, and vibrant again! Original-HGH treats the symptoms of low or imbalanced Growth Hormone (HGH) with added ingredients specifically formulated for people recovering from injuries, plan on having or have had surgery, or just for people who have an active lifestyle and need additional support from pain and soreness. For best results, take as directed for 30 – 90 days. Some people react quicker to different formulas so it’s important that each formula is taken daily to get the best results. Research shows that hormone balance can improve: Body fat reduction, Muscle mass, Immune function, Bone density, Energy levels, Skin tone and elasticity, Sexual function and performance, Hair re-growth, and Reverse the signs and symptoms of aging. Levels decline rapidly after age 30, resulting in symptoms that can make you look and feel tired and old. By stimulating your body’s own production of Human Growth Hormone, you can age well and live young, naturally. Original-HGH spray is easy to use and there are no side effects.A daily Homeopathic HGH booster supplement for men and women that naturally balances hormone levels.
Spray directly under the tongue for the quickest absorption rate available.
ProBLEN formulas are constantly tested to ensure quality Manufactured in the United States by an FDA Registered Facility.
FDA REGISTERED: ProBLEN Original-HGH is FDA Registered and issued an NDC (National Drug Code) number. FDA NDC# 50845-0015-1
USE FOR 90 DAYS FOR BEST RESULTS – Natural hormone levels decline over years so naturally balancing them back to normal levels takes a little bit of time too.


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