Genbolin – Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder X Strength Booster X Recovery Aid Supplement – 99% Pure Premium 50mg Capsules by Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals



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Genbolin Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder

  • BUILD MUSCLE FASTER THAN BEFORE – Through increasing protein metabolism (the ability to utilize protein) and nitrogen retention (associated with growth and tissue repair) you will be able to train harder and recover faster from vigorous workouts allowing for faster muscle growth to occur.
  • TAKE YOUR STRENGTH TO THE NEXT LEVEL -Bust through current strength plateaus and set new personal records in the gym or on the field. Genbolin has been known to work rapidly (within just a week or two) making it appealing to average gym goers to professional athletes looking to gain an edge over their competition.
  • SHRED FAT WHILE MAINTAINING MUSCLE AND STRENGTH – Due to its ability to reduce cortisol levels (a powerful muscle inhibiting, fat storing stress hormone) Genbolin can be used for anyone looking to lose body fat while maintaining or even increasing their current muscle mass and strength. Genbolin utilizes your nutrients more towards muscle repair and less towards fat storage.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR MEN AND WOMEN – Genbolin may be an anabolic muscle building amplifier, but it does this affect without increasing Testosterone, DHT, Progesterone or Estrogen levels. It is a non-hormonal natural anabolic that will provide you with noticeable changes in body composition with 0 side effects. No PCT is required.


  • Constructor de musculos (muscle builder)
  • Ganar musculo rapido (gain muscle fast)
  • Entrenar limpiamente (workout cleanly)
  • Aumento de la fuerza (increased strength)
  • Aumento de energia (increased energy)
  • Natural Anabolic Supplement: Found directly in nature. Powered by a pure and potent form of the powerful plant-derived steroid: GENBOLIN has been clinically dosed and proven to deliver the anabolic effects of some exogenous steroidal hormones without any hormonal manipulation. This means you can expect to feel an increase in strength, muscle growth, vascularity, recovery and reduced cortisol levels all without the worry of messing up your natural hormone production.
    Increased protein synthesis: Increases Protein Synthesis by over 200%* Increases Muscle Growth* Increases Strength and Recovery* Increases Nitrogen Retention* Reduces Cortisol – the stress hormone which can inhibit fat loss and muscle growth* Enhances the “Muscle Pump” and Fullness* Possesses Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties* Endurance and Stamina Booster* Enhanced fat Loss with proper nutrition*
    Workout Cleanly With Fast Results: No PCT or Liver Cleanser Required – does not shut down natural production of any hormones* Safe and Effective for both Men and Women* Works Rapidly – notice the effects within 7 days* Highly Synergistic with other natural supplements such as Creatine, BCAA’s, Testosterone Boosters, Growth Hormone Boosters, and a myostatin inhibitor such as Epicatechin Will not read negative on any drug test (safe for athletes, military personnel, police, emt, etc.)
    Build Muscles Quickly:  With Premium Nutraceutical >99% Pure Lexogenin (more pure than trademarked Laxosterone) you can build muscles quickly.
    Includes: 50mg x 60 count easy to swallow capsules in each bottle 99.1% Pure and lab tested Stimulant-Free Keto-Friendly


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