Download "How to Create a Great Body", the ebook by Edward Lord!


Product Name: Download "How to Create a Great Body", the ebook by Edward Lord!

The ebook’s called How to Create a Great Body, and it includes:


Put simply, How to Create a Great Body is the most comprehensive training system that I am aware of. It includes everything you need, whether male or female, to create the strong and muscular physique or the curvaceous and toned figure you have always wanted. It contains everything necessary not only to completely transform the way your body looks but also to improve every single key component of physical fitness, from your muscular, cardiorespiratory, and functional fitness to your flexibility and body composition. The exercises in the training programs link to the exercise instructions and videos on this website, so the ebook and website work together.

You can download the ebook right now and start reading it within the next few minutes. Unlike any other ebook, you will receive How to Create a Great Body in all three popular formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. This means that you can read it on all of your devices, including your phone, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, e-reader, and Kindle Fire. You can also print a copy. Download the ebook to your phone and take the training programs to the gym! I’ve also provided alternatives for cable and machine exercises, so you can complete the weight training programs at home if you have basic equipment (see the table below for home training requirements).

The contents of the ebook are explained in detail below. Please see the bottom of this page for its actual table of contents, along with customer reviews.

I worked on this ebook for 1.5 years.
I have updated it 5 times.
It consists of over 85,000 words.
Use it to completely transform the way your body looks and/or improve any aspect of fitness.

Divided into eight major parts, How to Create a Great Body is a complete guidance and training system that is absolutely packed with informative guides and meticulously designed training programs.

Part 1 introduces you to weight training and its benefits, goes over the details of muscle science, and reveals the fundamentals and methods of weight training. It also offers guidance on how to get started with weight training, find a gym or set up a home gym, warm up, cool down (stretch), track your progress, keep motivated, and ultimately succeed.


The Nutrition Guide covers all of the important elements of good nutrition, dietary management, and strategic eating. After beginning with a detailed look at all macronutrients and micronutrients, it explores calorie requirements, bulking and cutting, dietary tracking, supplementation, and nutrient timing. As a small bonus, the guide ends with advice on how to save money on healthy foods.

In Part 3, you will find all of the weight training programs, eight for men and eight for women. The men’s programs are designed for maximum muscle and strength, whereas the women’s programs are designed for maximum curves and functional strength. The eight programs include:

Completion of the beginner and five increasingly difficult programs will take one year and twelve weeks if you take a week’s break between each one. However, I balanced the programs meticulously so that you can repeat each one (except the beginner program) as many times as you want to with little risk of developing muscular strength imbalances. As such, the programs can keep you training and making progress for several years. With the aim of keeping you engaged, challenging you, and promoting continual progress, I designed the programs to incorporate a wide range of training splits (for example, upper–lower, push–pull, and push–pull–legs) and utilize a variety of intensity training techniques (for example, superset training, rest–pause training, and dropset training).

The plateau buster program is there for you when making progress starts to become more difficult. It is based on the pre-exhaustion protocol, which involves partially exhausting prime mover muscles with isolation exercises before moving on to the major compound exercises. Pre-exhaustion makes prime movers work much harder during the compound exercises, thus amplifying the stimulus for development and increasing your chances of pushing through plateaus. Meticulously balanced, you can repeat the plateau buster as many times as you want to. Since it is designed to produce the same results as the five increasingly difficult programs, you can also use it as the sixth program in the sequence.

If you’re a very busy individual with little time to spare for training, the minimalistic program is designed for you. The workouts of the program include the bare minimum of exercises and sets necessary to provide you with an effective full-body workout as quickly as possible. The exercises are arranged into supersets, which means that you can fly through them very rapidly. As with the other programs, the minimalistic program has been meticulously balanced so that you can repeat it over and over again for as long as you please.

You can complete the weight training programs at any gym. However, I have provided alternatives for cable and machine exercises, so you can also perform the programs at home if you have the following basic equipment.

Part 4 explains the fundamentals of power, plyometric, and bodyweight training, and presents power, plyometric, and equipment-free bodyweight workouts. It also gives you the tools necessary to design your own equipment-free bodyweight workouts, which you can use if you go on vacation or can’t make it to the gym and lack home equipment.

The Target Muscle Guide is very original. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. However, I added quite a lot of detail to it, so it’s not an easy read.

After briefly introducing you to joint articulations and the three planes of motion, the first half of the Target Muscle Guide reveals all of the main muscles that are activated by different types of exercise (for example, horizontal pulling exercises, glute/hamstring-dominant compound exercises, vertical pushing exercises, and quadriceps-dominant compound exercises). If you can read and understand this section, you will know exactly what you’re doing the next time you walk into the gym!

The second half of the Target Muscle Guide presents lists of all of the most effective compound and isolation exercises that target each major muscle and muscle head. Use it as a reference whenever you want to focus on developing a muscle of interest.

The Cardio Guide is very powerful. It begins by covering the basics of exercise physiology, the fundamentals of cardiovascular training, and the advantages, disadvantages, and applications of three types of cardio:

It then presents three cardio training programs, including one SST program with three workouts, one interval training program with three workouts (two of which are high intensity or HIIT workouts), and one FCT program with two workouts. The workouts are progressable and can of course be repeated as many times as you want to. The workouts of the three different types of cardio are also interchangeable, which means that on one day you can do SST, on another day you can do HIIT, and on yet another day you can do FCT. One of the HIIT workouts follows the original Tabata protocol, which is extremely intense and intended only for experienced individuals. The Cardio Guide concludes with instructions on how to design your own FCT workouts.

The Weight Loss Guide is short but very useful for anyone whose primary goal is to lose body fat. It presents three steps to successful weight loss, along with a wide range of tips and tricks that can make losing weight, and keeping it off, much easier.

How to Create a Great Body ends with a sizeable glossary that includes many important key terms, concepts, and principles related to muscle science, weight training, cardio, fitness, and nutrition. You can use it as a reference or a revision tool.

The way you use the ebook will depend on your goals. After you download it, all you have to do is read the guides that are relevant to you and then start the training programs.

If you want to develop a muscular and strong physique or a curvaceous and toned figure, start a weight training program. The weight training programs will also help you to improve your functional fitness (because they include functional exercises) and flexibility (because the warmups and cooldowns include dynamic and static stretching).

If you want to develop cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance, start a cardio training program, and mix and match the different types of workout. If you use the FCT workouts, you will also develop functional fitness.

If you want to develop all key components of physical fitness, start a weight training program and a cardio program. The minimalistic weight training program together with just two short cardio workouts per week should be enough to completely transform your body—from cardiorespiratory system to musculoskeletal system—and dramatically improve your weight, body composition, physical fitness, athleticism, and appearance. As to the more comprehensive and advanced weight training and cardio programs, they have the potential to give you a body similar to the one that you have always wanted!

Of course, you will also have the bodyweight, power, and plyometric workouts at your disposal, which you can use as and when you want to.

Yes. How to Create a Great Body comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can read the ebook and try the training programs for 59 days, and, if unsatisfied, you can email me on day 60 for a refund.

After you make your payment, you will be taken to the download page. You will also be sent an email containing a link to the download page so that you can access it again.

On the download page, you will see the three versions of the ebook:

You can download all three versions to one device and then transfer them to other devices by using a USB cable, or you can simply access the download page using each device and download the relevant version.

Before you download the EPUB, make sure the required app is already installed on your device:

If the required app is not already installed, you can download iBooks for free from iTunes and you can download Google Play Books for free from Google Play.

Tip: If you upload the EPUB to iCloud, you will be able to open it on all of your Apple devices; and if you upload it to Google Play Books, you will be able to open it on all of your Android devices!

Before you download the PDF, make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is already installed on your device. If it’s not, you can download it for free on the Adobe website.

If using a Kindle Fire or a smartphone/tablet on which the Kindle app is installed, download the MOBI to your “Kindle” folder. The ebook should then appear on your device. You might also have to go into your Kindle settings and put a check mark next to “Data storage access”.

If using a PC, Mac, or laptop on which the Kindle App is installed, download the MOBI to your “My Kindle Content” folder. The ebook should then appear on your device.

Tip: You can send the MOBI to all of your Kindle devices at once by using Amazon’s Kindle Personal Documents service!

Below I have pasted the ebook’s table of contents. It will give you a clearer idea of the subjects that are covered and the way in which How to Create a Great Body is laid out.




What is weight training?
What are the benefits of weight training?
Myths of weight training and bodybuilding


Muscle names
Muscle structure
How muscles work
How muscles grow
How quickly can you gain muscle?
Genetic factors that limit muscle growth
How to naturally increase testosterone


Guidelines and principles
Types of exercise
How many sets and reps should you do?
Basic methods of training
Advanced methods of training
Safety always comes first


How to get started with weight training
How to warm up
How to cool down (stretch)
How to track your progress
How to avoid overtraining
How to keep motivated


Nutrition overview
Dietary fat
Carbohydrate and dietary fiber
Dietary minerals


Calories and calorie requirements
Bulking and cutting
How to track your calories and diet
Weight training supplements
Nutrient timing
Bonus: How to save money on healthy foods



Overview of men’s training programs
Men’s Beginner
Muscle 2
Muscle and Strength
Muscle and Strength 2
Muscle and Strength 3
Men’s Plateau Buster
Minimalistic Program for Busy Men


Overview of women’s training programs
Women’s Beginner
Maximum Curves and Functional Strength 1
Maximum Curves and Functional Strength 2
Maximum Curves and Functional Strength 3
Maximum Curves and Functional Strength 4
Maximum Curves and Functional Strength 5
Women’s Plateau Buster
Minimalistic Program for Busy Women



Fundamentals of bodyweight training
Equipment-free bodyweight workouts
How to design your own equipment-free bodyweight workouts


Fundamentals of power and plyometric training
Power and plyometric workouts



Introduction to the Target Muscle Guide
Joint articulations of the three planes of motion
Horizontal compound pulling exercises — Elbows close to torso
Horizontal pulling exercises — Elbows perpendicular to torso
Horizontal pushing exercises — Flat or decline
Horizontal pushing exercises — Incline
Vertical compound pulling exercises
Vertical compound pushing exercises
Dipping exercises
Arm-curling exercises
Hip- and waist-flexion exercises
Side-bending and seated twisting exercises
Glute/Hamstring-dominant compound exercises
Quadriceps-dominant compound exercises
Leg-curling exercises
Calf exercises


Back muscles
Chest muscles
Shoulder muscles
Upper-arm muscles
Forearm muscles
Core muscles
Gluteal muscles
Thigh muscles
Calf muscles


Introduction to the Cardio Guide
Basics of exercise physiology
Fundamentals of cardiovascular training
Types of cardio


General instructions
Steady-State Training (SST) Program
Interval Training Program
Functional Circuit Training (FCT) Program
How to design your own FCT workouts



Introduction to the Weight Loss Guide
The three steps
Additional tips for easier weight loss
How to set up MyFitnessPal for successful weight loss


Please see below for a small selection of the feedback and reviews that I have received about the ebook from customers.

Email conversation with Clare, Alberta, Canada

Hello, I bought your ebook and downloaded it onto my computer. I liked it quite a bit. Now I can’t find the file. Can you tell me the name of the download? Sorry, I’ve been looking for it on my computer for a while … Thanks, Clare

Hi, Clare. Thank you for the kind words. The file name should be: [CENSORED]. If you can’t find it, I can send you a new download link. Regards, Edward

Hi, Thanks, I couldn’t find it so I just bought it again. No worries. It’s a great resource. I’m taking the Personal Trainer Program at [CENSORED] university, and I’ve found that your book is one of the best I’ve read so far. Best, Clare

Hi, Clare. I can’t take your money twice. Please give me your PayPal email address and I’ll send you however much you paid. Warm regards, Edward

Unsolicited email from Mark, Glasgow City, UK

Just downloaded the ebook earlier brilliant content! Great job ? Still can’t get over how great it is and for £10 absolute bargain! I’m becoming a personal trainer and this book is such a help on all the things i need to learn! Absolutely brilliant ?

Thanks, I’m 100% satisfied and your book is awesome… do you have any other books?

Review by Ali (location unknown)

As its name implies, want to create a great body? Then you must read this ebook! More so if you’re a beginner with shallow knowledge or completely foreign to the basics of training and nutrition! It’s a great book that will teach you all the basics and fundamentals that you need to know about muscle science/nutrition/weight training/cardio/etc and some informations are perfectly detailed and well defined. Overall it’s an interesting read with clear writing style and easy to understand. I highly recommend! (btw this was my first purchased ebook in internet and I don’t regret it, really worth it :D) Ali.E

Review by Janne (location unknown)

Edward, This is what I think of your ebook. And feel free to quote any part of it. The ebook is a true gem and something I have been looking for for a long time. It offers the fundamentals of what is important for muscle growth, the right kind of training, and nutrition in a compact form. It gives logical reasonings and unlike most other books you dont want to skip any chapter as it feels like all of it matters. For me personally it was a big motivation and inspiration to entirely change my approach on training and do it more professionally. So far everything I have learned from the book seems to work as told. Most importantly my motivation is on completely new level. The book offers good ideas for training programs and for sure one of the best part is the libraries for exercize routines, which are cleverly grouped and allows you to easily do variations on on your routine. Thank you weight training quide!

The book has done its trick on me for sure ? I used to be a serious athlete when I was a teen until 18 or so and I kind of knew a lot of the things in the book but only from outside and not really why, as an engineer that matters to me. I am already 50 years old but I got remarried few years ago and go like young boy again… my wife loves the gym and me more now that I have the new training approach and can also help her out with your book. So Edward I dont know how to say thank you enough, you have just done a great job here! Thank you!

Review by Shana, Cape Town

I found How to Create a Great Body easy to read and very helpful. Edward’s explanations of the topics covered in this book gave me a greater understanding of the information in the course I am studying (Personal Trainer). It also covered extra information that isn’t in my course, which I found very interesting. Whether you’re a guy or gal, interested in, or studying health and fitness, this ebook is for you! As the architect of your body, this book will teach you how to design the best physical version of yourself! – Shanz, Cape Town

Email conversation with Jessica, Georgia, USA

I purchased the book, I downloaded it to a device that I no longer have. Is there any way i can get the link to download it again.

Hi, Jessica. Here’s a new download link: [CENSORED]. It would be interesting to hear what you think about the ebook. Has it helped you? Edward

Hey! thanks. I love the e-book. It was very helpful and I would always use it as a reference guide. I think its very detailed and well written. Im an exercise physiologist so i’m always looking for ways to sharpen my skills and educate myself and clients.

Unsolicited email from Vishal, India

Hi. I have read your book and it helped me a lot and to train my clients also … Do let me know if any other books for me to refer … Best author online books!

Unsolicited email from Denise, USA

Hi Edward, I just wanted to briefly give you some feedback. So far I absolutely LOVE your book! It’s so well done I’ve been preaching about it to all my friends. I especially love the way each exercise links to the website with all the videos and information and what initially led me to discover your book in the first place – those awesome illustrations of each exercise showcasing the targeted muscles.

I love how I learned some new exercises I have never done before!!! Either way I’m excited to go through the rest of the book it really is great you did an amazing job with it, such a good resource! Best, Denise

Review by Dhalia (location unknown) on Amazon US

Review by Alessandra (location unknown) on Amazon US

Review: the best I’ve read so far to understand strength training!!

Review by Marjorie (location unknown) on Amazon US

Review by Margie (location unknown) on Amazon US

Review: This book is a must read, it has all the information for fitness! Its easy to follow and has great strategies and tips on how to lose weight and keep it off, how to build muscle the right way and a section specifically for women! Teaches how to build amd maintain curves!! Love that! It also has a section for bodyweight training, plyometrics and more. Just amazing!

Review by Kyron, London, on Amazon UK

Review: Great ebook! It’s got everything – weight training programs, cardio training programs, stretches, power workouts, plyometric workouts, bodyweight workouts, etc, etc, plus all the various guides. It’s a long ebook. The weight training guide and the cardio guide are very impressive. I also liked the section on the fundamentals of power and plyometric training, and all the stuff on dietary management and strategic eating. The target muscle guide is a bit detailed for me, but he simplifies it well. The guides are written exceptionally well, very clearly, and the programs are designed brilliantly! He explains how he designed and balanced the programs, which was very satisfying for me and informative. I like how I can take the training programs to the gym on my phone! I started the “Muscle and Strength” program. Got a serious workout.

If you have any questions before you purchase, please contact me.

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