Bulking For Beginners: How I Dieted & Trained to Put on 23lbs in 90 Days



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Bulking For Beginners guides you through the steps that I took to put on 23lbs in 90 days as a skinny hardgainer. This journey was documented through youtube (search my name) as I went through the transformation. Having a kinesiology degree and being a personal trainer, putting on muscle should have been easy for me. The problem is that most people who give advice on building muscle already have it and they don’t realize how difficult it can be for those starting out. This book is an in-the-trenches guide on how to put on mass even when all the odds are stacked against you.

The ebook that will help you build muscle as a skinny guy. 


Everything I wish I knew years ago when I first tried bulking is in here. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and sweat.

If you followed my bulk live on youtube, you know that I put myself out there by showing my body before, during, and after the transformation.

This book is the final result of everything I did with my diet and training to put on 23lbs in 90 days.

•The Best Exercises for Building Mass Quickly:
Learn what exercises will give you the biggest bang for your buck so you can build muscle quickly without wasting your time.

•How to Overcome a Small Stomach & Appetite:
Eating is a critical part of your bulk so you need to know how to master your stomach and ensure you get enough calories.

•What to Eat so You Can Get Big Fast:
Selecting the right foods during you bulk will help you build muscle without putting on unnecessary fat.


•What Works for Skinny Guys so You Can Get Results:
This ebook is designed to help skinny guys build muscle. It gives you the training principles you need as a small guy to pack on muscle.

•How to Build Your Workouts and Structure Your Training:
Learn what you need to do inside and outside the gym. Uncover how many sets and reps you need as well as how much weight you should lift to drive muscle growth. Comes with templates that are easy to read and use.


You get a link to the 3,000 Calorie Meal Plan I designed for myself which offers a lot of customization so you have a solid foundation for starting your diet. Eating is often the most challenging part of your bulk and this meal plan will help you get a head start on your diet.


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