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Pitbull Singing “Give Me The whole lot” with Echelon Deal

by Matt Weik

GRAMMY-award-winning singer Pitbull has teamed up with fitness company Echelon to strike a deal that both parties can sing and dance to all the way to the bench. Pitbull is not sloppy when it comes to fitness and mentions that his fitness must be a priority in order to be at the highest level on stage. Then comes Echelon, a fitness brand that is trying to slowly stall sales of the giant Peloton.


This deal really makes sense – at least to me. Let’s think about it. When you work out, do you work out in silence or do you blast your favorite artists to get you going and motivated? Probably the latter, right? When you think of artists who drop in quick succession and get your body moving, doesn’t Pitbull come to mind? Of course he does. If you go to the club you will almost certainly hear a pit bull track.

Music and fitness seem to go hand in hand, and this exclusive deal, negotiated between everyone involved, seems like a heavenly match (at least from a business perspective).

It all sounds good on paper, but what exactly does this deal entail and how will it be beneficial not only for both parties but also for the customer – you? In this article, I’m going to break down the Pitbull and Echelon partnership to better explain what to expect in the months ahead.

Pitbull offers the experience of a lifetime

If you know anything about Pitbull, he wants his fans to have the best possible experience regardless of the location or venue. But now the place and venue can be your own home. The fact is, this pandemic that we have all been through over the past year has opened our eyes to the opportunity to build a gym at home and possibly move away from traditional gym membership. This could be done through the traditional barbells and weight plates, or even something like a wall unit like the Mirror that has really cool technology built into it.

But with Echelon they want to offer an experience (thanks to Pitbull) that will try to give Peloton the Italian salute. With the ink on the contract not even dry, Echelon posted a statement explaining some of the details of the deal. For example, as you would expect, Echelon will be offering Pitbull themed rides through the Echelon Fit app, referred to as the “Ride with Pitbull”. Since Pitbull isn’t a Frank Sinatra, you can expect some heartbreaking punches that will make you up and down the saddle and dripping with sweat.

It should be noted, however, that this is not his first fitness equipment deal. Pitbull also invested in Clmbr training equipment some time ago. He clearly has a vision for his music and fitness and wants the world not only to be entertaining but also to get fit.


Dripping sweat and dollar sign

Pitbull doesn’t invest in anything he doesn’t believe in. So when you grab a pen and sign his signature and investment on the dotted line, be sure to say something about how strong he is for Echelon and how much he believes in what they do.

In addition to exclusive music, Pitbull and Echelon will bring out some co-branded merchandise. But the partnership doesn’t end there. A published press release includes some of the details of the deal, which include:

Special hymn song written to inspire members and make the world move and feel good. The Echelon anthem will be released as a single on his new album, on his upcoming I Feel Good tour and in Echelon radio and TV spots. Dedicated dedicated content channel “Ride with Pitbull” including Pitbull’s music. Ability to ride with Pitbull himself along with some of his dancers including classes created and taught by his dancers The Most Bad Ones. Exclusive bike and co-branded merchandise around his Timeless album release Echelon’s commitment to Pitbull’s educational learning centers SLAM! by offering internships and university grants.

Even if the details of the dollar amount of the contract are not yet known, one can only guess that Pitbull is behind this partnership a lot, especially since big financial investors have taken a liking to Echelon like Goldman Sachs over the years.

Who has the better end of this deal?

This is clearly my opinion, but I think Echelon is the real winner here. Let’s face it, Pitbull doesn’t need an introduction – he’s Mr. Worldwide. Echelon, on the other hand, is riding on Peloton’s skirts and trying to steal market share.

Earlier this year Echelon developed the “Prime Bike,” which was released on Amazon and (apparently) slipped through the cracks, and people assumed the Echelon bike was an Amazon product because of its name. Amazon recorded the launch of the bike on their website and quickly pulled the plug as it hit a little too close to home. Anyway, Echelon’s mission was to make its name known in the market and add more products to the home exercise market.

However, we cannot distract what the Echelon deal will do for Pitbull. He is now an investor in the company and has associated his name with the fitness brand. If Echelon doesn’t take off, so does Pitbull. You don’t invest in things when there is no intention to grow the business.

So if Pitbull can pull through his end of the deal and provide the content (music) for the app and rides, he’ll make a pretty penny as the company grows. And its name will no doubt attract fitness enthusiasts who have never heard of Echelon but will soon find that their equipment is nowhere near as expensive as Peloton.

Hence, both parties in this deal will make out, although the scales appear to be tipping and Echelon is more favored. What do you think of this partnership? Let us know in the comments below.

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