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Phil Heath Hasn’t Modified One Bit

by Christian Duque

Phil Heath may not think he's a villain, but if the shoe fits … When this video was released last week, it really bothered me. I understand that Dave Palumbo is posting tabloid content, breaking all the rules and trying to get as many hits as possible, but this video is really too much. The title "Is Phil Heath the Savior of Bodybuilding" alone is an insult to the entire bodybuilding sport.


This interview was also a great insult to reigning Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry, not so much for Palumbo but for former Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. Phil has not changed despite his many attempts to improve public relations. he remains as pompous and narcissistic as ever.

In addition, this video was also a huge insult to Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden from 2018 and not so much for Heath but for Dave Palumbo, who clearly indicated Rhoden's guilt in the pending criminal case for the second time. In a recent video aimed at exposing Bob Cicherillo, Palumbo Rhodens reviewed two polygraph examinations and said any experienced bodybuilder could take medication to pass the test. In this video, Palumbo noted that Rhoden himself was in trouble. This is the second time that Palumbo, working closely with Rhodes coach Chris Aceto, has put into practice his belief that Rhoden is guilty.

The truth is that bodybuilding is progressing well and the current crop of Champions has an incredible camaraderie and good athletic ability. Shawn, Brandon, Dexter, Roelly, and Wlllliam all have a great relationship. These guys are all top champions and support each other. Phil is the strange man. Shawn has NEVER undermined the victory and / or rule of Brandon Curry. William Bonac defended Brandon's victory at Arnold Classic this year. In addition, all these guys look up to Dexter Jackson, who in turn steered these young guns in the right direction. An example of this is that all the top guys believe in Roelly and believe that he will be back in great shape in no time. When a champion hits a roadblock everyone gathers to get this guy back on the track. They do not tear the guy down like others do …

Phil was not a popular Mr. Olympia. You will not see the fans circulating petitions for his speedy return. No one cares about his cookie cutter line. No one talks about Phil. Unfortunately, many of us have subscribed to RxMuscle and we have to watch these titles from time to time. I admit it, I like Rx and I like a lot of Dave's work, but the work I do not like sometimes makes my blood boil. And maybe that's the point. Any reaction is a good reaction, right? Well, I'll leave that to you.

The truth is, Phil Heath is not Kai Greene. When Kai says the word "Olympia", the world of bodybuilding comes to a standstill. Kai was always more popular than Phil – it was never very close. Shawn and Brandon have built up a considerable following, especially by setting up the fans on podiums. They love the people who buy tickets to shows, buy supplements, and support the sport. Both Brandon and Shawn gave me interviews for and they did it because they see how much I love the sport. I do not care if you're a bodybuilder champion, a rock star or a movie star. If you treat your fans like gold, they will be with you forever.

Bodybuilding is also a sport that aims to achieve near perfection. You really have to get into the zone, really believe in yourself and not be staggered by anyone or anything. It is very easy to become a narcissist, and humility becomes a rare commodity. Ronnie Coleman was amazing for his fans, but in no way, shape or form, modest. Yes, he dropped to his knees and prayed, yes, he loved the fans, but he was not humble. Brandon and Shawn are modest and the fans love them for it. Look at Dexter Jackson, he never says he'll go in there and win. It's always about being the best, having fun and doing well. The fans love The Blade.


Besides, I'm all here for a little trash talk here or there that leads to the competition, but we're at the end of November. The next Olympics is nine months away !! Throwing the reigning Mr. Olympia now is far more personal. The title of the video is absolutely stupid. When I showed it to a multi-Olympic champion, he laughed and was convinced that Phil had paid Palumbo for the wording. It is utterly absurd that one of the least popular and unpopular Mr. Olympias of all time could be the savior of the sport.

If Phil ever wants to advertise on RX, there are far less ridiculous possibilities for it. When I looked at this title on Phil's cup, the word "jerk" came to my mind first. Surely that's not the kind of marketing Phil is looking for.

Even if he does not disrespect the athlete or if the current competitors have no rabbit to hunt in his absence, it speaks volumes about Phil Heath's true mindset.

After all, Phil Heath is also nobody who leads the top flight of athletes. For that we have Dexter Jackson, and Phil, you are not a Dexter Jackson.

In summary, this is just another bullshit release from RxMuscle. I'd LOVE it when Phil comes back (and gets kicked by the top guys). I hope you enjoy reading my article here in Iron Magazine. I am looking forward to read your comments.

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