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Ought to You Begin a Health YouTube Channel or Podcast?

by Matt Weik

The short and quick answer to this is absolutely a YES. In fact, it’s a YES to both a fitness YouTube channel and a podcast. They are FREE to start! Some so many people have a wealth of knowledge and a lot of value to offer to an audience, but for one reason or another they choose to sit on the sidelines and not create content? Why?! There’s no better time than today to start a fitness YouTube channel or podcast.


What’s stopping you from starting a fitness YouTube channel or podcast?

There is never a shortage of people considering starting a fitness YouTube channel or podcast. However, they seem to be allowing things to come between them and their first move – often that’s not even a valid reason they aren’t moving forward.

Whether you want to start a fitness YouTube channel or a podcast, don’t think that you have a ton of fancy gadgets and will have to spend thousands of dollars on a set and equipment. Lots of people can make a very professional looking production and get amazing sound quality straight from their smartphone.

Start with the barebones until you have a few episodes under your belt and are sure that you will stick with them. That being said, don’t think that just because you post something will blow it up and get you a million views or listeners. It can take months for a video or episode to receive thousands of views. Don’t be frustrated, just boost the content and the market will tell you if they like your work.

Once you have grown your audience, it may be a good time to start thinking about investing in new equipment if you really feel it is necessary.

Why should you start a fitness YouTube channel or podcast?

Honestly, why not? If you have the knowledge, and that knowledge can add to someone’s life, why not create a fitness YouTube channel or podcast?

Do you want to teach people the human anatomy that they can apply to their training and muscle building goals? Maybe you want to discuss different training protocols? Or maybe you want to talk about different ways people can build muscle and / or lose stubborn body fat? No matter which direction you’re going with your fitness YouTube channel or podcast, the key is to get started and get as much content out as possible and have fun with it.


Assuming your content is helping people, expect your audience to grow pretty quickly over time. Don’t let your knowledge be wasted, use it to help people!

How can you use video and audio at the same time?

When you record a video for a fitness YouTube channel, did you realize that with a few clicks of your mouse you can record your video and extract the audio from it and upload it to podcast platforms in literally no time? It’s true! So why wouldn’t you want to be able to share your information with more people with virtually no extra effort? A lightbulb should just have lit in your head.

It just makes sense. Depending on whether you are using a Windows or Mac based computer or laptop, there are a number of free software that you can use to extract the audio from video files. Just download the software you want to use and go from there. Depending on the size of your video file, the audio extraction should only take about a minute (sometimes longer if your video is 60+ minutes long).

If you want to improve your audio quality for the podcast files, download Audacity – free audio editing software. With this software you can minimize and eliminate background noise, normalize and control the audio quality to avoid clipping, cut out dead spaces in the audio and use many other functions. The sky’s the limit if you have the time to play around with it and edit your audio.

As for the video file, you can also download free software or invest in something more expensive (like Final Cut Pro) depending on your current budget. While visuals and effects can help improve the quality and entertainment value of your fitness YouTube channel, it is not 100% necessary (especially if you are just starting out and getting your feet wet).

Can and should you monetize your platform?

Monetization is one of the things that can go sideways. Personally, I have no problem with YouTubers monetizing their fitness YouTube channel or podcast. After all, they invest a lot of time in their content to make it as high quality as possible. However, many others flinch at the thought.

Here is my opinion on the subject. To begin with, the last thing you want to do is try to make money. I mean, heck, you don’t even have a ton of content to justify making money out of it. It can take YouTube some time to get the numbers it needs to monetize your channel. Also, don’t look for sponsorship if you’re just starting out unless you’re already well known in the industry and a brand wants to stand behind you.

Once you’ve built a fan base and started getting thousands of subscribers, it may be the right time to monetize your fitness YouTube channel or podcast. And when you do, you make sure that the ads and sponsors resonate with your audience. Don’t just sign on the dashed line because someone is offering you money.

But most of all, you want to have fun with your fitness YouTube channel or podcast. If you’re not having fun, it will show up in your content and people will stop seeing it. Pick topics or a niche that you are passionate about and knowledgeable about and pursue them.

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