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Olympia Growth Continues in 2020

Dan Solomon

While the 2019 Olympic weekend continues to make headlines, our team here at Olympic headquarters works every day to develop the Olympia in a way that goes well beyond the annual Las Vegas main event. Here's an update on some of our expansion opportunities as we prepare to take Olympia 2020 to a new level.

Global evolution

Our amateur Olympic program continues to gain momentum as we expand into several new areas. These events, which have been sanctioned by NPC Worldwide, are among the most successful amateur competitions in the world and offer athletes the opportunity to compete for the prestigious amateur Olympic title and to enter the IFBB Professional League. In 2019, nearly 5,000 athletes took part in amateur Olympic competitions in 11 countries. With new goals to be announced in early 2020, amateur Olympic games have already been held in Tunisia, South Korea, Colombia, Spain, China, Portugal, England, Brazil, India and Japan.

Olympia TV

As part of a fully integrated media expansion, Olympia TV will be introduced in 2020, a new online destination that builds on a YouTube platform and offers fans a comprehensive range of content on the topic of Olympia free of charge. Olympia TV offers a selection of original programs and event-oriented content, including repetitions of previous Olympic webcasts, posing routines, preparation for competitions and training routines as well as news / conversation formats. Look out for announcements in late December!


So far, the only way to buy officially licensed Olympic clothing has been to travel to the Olympic weekend. Now we are happy for the first time to announce the launch of a year-round online merchandise store with a large selection of designer shirts, hats, jackets and accessories from the Olympia brand. Finally your chance to get Olympic equipment … just in time for the holidays!

Big stars = big audience

Celebrities with big names have been sighted during the Olympic weekend in recent years. From Mark Wahlberg to Dwayne Johnson to Mario Lopez and Shaquille O’Neill. Keep your eyes peeled for more favorites we'd like to see in September to reach a new audience in 2020 and beyond.

Visit for the latest information … including your chance to get early tickets for the 56th Olympic weekend!


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