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New Snickers Protein Powder Making an attempt to Step on Some Business Toes?

by Matt Weik

For those of you who have not heard of it yet, the Mars Candy Company has launched two new products that appear to have tried to stand up. By that I mean that they have brought both a Mars and a Snickers protein powder on the market.

I know what you may think, and I think we're on the same page if you just roll your eyes.

My question is "WHY?" Is there really a need for it? Does Mars really think people will jump to buy their protein powder flavors from what's on the market right now? I would assume that many would view it as a marketing hype. I do not think people who buy Snickers bars are interested in that. I mean, let's be honest, those who regularly eat Snickers bars are probably not interested in their health and fitness – or even adding lean muscle mass.

To be perfectly honest, I am not too surprised at this start. If you recall, some time ago, Mars turned some of their chocolate bars into "protein bars," which were ultimately just a bar, like Snickers with some added protein. Would I say that it bothers the protein bar market? Absolutely not. But it's a great game to include in the register of gas stations and grocery stores, along with other chocolate bars that do not contain protein.

Will the start be a success? I do not think so, but let's discuss this a little bit further.

What is Snickers protein powder?

The true name of this product is Snicker's HiProtein powder. It should taste like the chocolate bar and contain about 140 calories, 4 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbohydrates and 21 grams of protein per serving. Is this a healthier alternative to your chocolate bar? For sure. Should this change your current buying behavior for supplements? I do not understand why.

The Snickers protein powder is a chocolate, caramel and peanut flavor system (hence all the flavors that you would predict based on the actual chocolate bar). Do I think it tastes just like the candy bar? I would hope so, but I doubt it very much. Most protein powders on the market are never exactly right in terms of taste and claim to have a product taste, as if a well-known candy bar could be a suicide of the brand. They also decided to make the protein powder from Mars and Snickers in resealable bags instead of two or even five-pound cups. Each bag contains a total of 25 servings.

My opinion on what Mars should have done

Rather than grossly discounting this introduction, I would like to add how I would have put the product on the market or how it should have positioned a chocolate-flavored protein powder. Too many people like to complain without a better strategy. Here is my strategy.

Take a look at the supplement industry today. What do you notice? You see cooperation from left to right. Ghost brings out bonbon-flavored protein and BCAA products. BSN offers ice-flavored protein powder thanks to the collaboration with Cold Stone Creamery.

If Mars had been smart, they would have licensed the flavor systems to supplement the companies, giving them the right to use their name as the actual flavor. For example, Ghost might have come out with a Snickers-flavored protein powder. Or BSN could have brought out a Mars-chocolate-flavored protein powder.

In my opinion, doing so in favor of Mars would have been much better than investing in producing your own range of protein powders, sitting on inventory and hoping the market would like what they did with the protein powders.

But wait a minute … not so fast

Would you like to try the new Snickers protein powder? Well, it will be a bit difficult to find it up to date. The launch took place in the UK. If you want to give it a try, you need to find a distributor or distributor in the UK that offers worldwide shipping. Otherwise, you have to live in the UK (if so, kudos – let us know how you like it).

Will I try the new Snickers protein powder or even the Mars version? Nope. I'm not interested. I do not eat in their normal chocolate bar form. So why would I want a protein powder that tastes like the bar?

Do I think the protein powder will be a hit? I can only speak for the US market because I'm not too familiar with the UK market, but I do not see it as a big seller anywhere. My opinion comes from what I said before. People who eat the chocolate bar varieties are not overly concerned about their health and well-being, or they would not eat chocolate bars. You probably have no interest in improving your body or building lean muscle.

On the other hand, those who are fit and healthy generally do not grab a candy bar at any time of the day (maybe some sour patch kids – but I digress). They are totally interested in gaining muscle mass and improving their physique. Although a chocolate-flavored protein may be tempting, why switch to a brand that knows nothing about our industry and say goodbye to a product they are used to consuming and trusting? That just does not make sense, right? I mean, if Jack Daniels brought out an endurance product, would you use it? Probably not.

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