Meals that needs to be prevented by those that wish to acquire muscle mass

The goal of many individuals who start attending the gym is to gain muscle mass, but in addition to physical exercise, there are also foods that should be avoided.

In fact, food is an important part of this process, there are foods that are allies for muscle mass gain.


Just as there are also foods that are the enemy and that can hinder this process and slow it down.

So, if you are interested in knowing which foods can sabotage your diet and should be avoided, continue reading this content!

Did you know that poor nutrition impairs muscle mass gain?

Imagine that you just left the gym after an insane workout and feel much more energetic and in a good mood.

So, you make an appointment with friends to have a beer in a bar to enjoy the weekend.


After all, just one beer cannot be so harmful, can it? Wrong!

A common mistake is to focus only on exercise and completely forget about food.

For everyone who wants to gain muscle mass, it is important, in addition to exercise, to maintain a balanced diet, because what you consume influences your body.

So, both for those looking to lose weight and for those who want to gain muscle mass, it is crucial to follow a specific diet.

If you search the internet, you will come across a lot of articles about foods that help you gain muscle and are great allies during this process.

However, what are the bad guys that can sabotage your diet and you haven't even realized?

Find out which foods to avoid

It is important to have knowledge about which foods are allies and which contribute positively to the gain of muscle mass.

Just as it is also essential to know which foods should be avoided and which have a negative impact on your body, sabotaging your entire process of hypertrophying your muscles.

Maybe some foods you’re constantly consuming and didn’t even notice that they’re just hindering your progress.

However, don't worry, so that you know which foods and drinks are considered harmful to your progress, check out the list we made through some research below!

Refined Flours

Maybe you already know, or maybe you don't already know, but refined flours are great enemies of people whose goal is to eliminate fats and gain muscle mass.

Refined flours are rich in simple carbohydrates and undergo a process that eliminates the outside of the grain, thus reducing its nutrients and fiber amounts.

Regular consumption of refined flours not only hinders muscle hypertrophy, but also hinders metabolism, promotes the gain of body fats, and can cause some diseases such as:

Heart diseases;
And even cancer.

Alcoholic beverages

Most likely you have heard of or even know someone who has the famous “beer belly”, which can be caused by consuming a lot of beer.

However, according to some scientific studies, the accumulation of abdominal fat does not come only from the beer itself, but can be caused by any other alcoholic beverage.

This is because, in general, alcoholic beverages have many empty calories, that is, they have no nutrients or vitamins for the body.

And, in addition, the liver prioritizes the elimination of alcohol and its toxins from the body, leaving aside all those calories ingested.

Which, later on, end up being stored and becoming the popular beer belly.

Therefore, for those looking to hypertrophy their muscles, it is necessary to put aside that little meeting at the bar with friends.

Alcoholic beverages can significantly sabotage all your progress.

You can even think "but only one beer is okay".

However, one beer can lead to another beer and not to mention the snacks, which usually serve as an accompaniment.

Therefore, the ideal is to cut alcohol from your menu, but if you can't, choose to decrease the amount and frequency.

Industrialized soft drinks and juices

Not only are alcoholic beverages responsible for causing the belly to bulge, know that sodas can also do the same due to the massive combination of sugar and gas.

Consequently contributing to the accumulation of abdominal fat and also to the decrease of testosterone.

Then you remove the soda from your menu and start to consume the juice box or powder instead.

Well, this is another mistake, as these industrialized juices are rich in sugar and are also bad for your health.

Opt for natural juices made with the fruit itself and without added sugar or sweeteners. Another good option is water.

Processed foods

It is true to say that everyone is fully aware that industrialized foods, as well as fast foods, are like a poison to our body, because they contain several substances that can harm our health.

As if that were not enough, they are also the great villains for those looking to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

Therefore, these foods are not at all healthy, they decrease testosterone levels and can definitely be removed from your menu.

While they only serve to harm both your health and hinder your goal.

Foods high in sugar

It is no surprise that, like foods made from refined flour, foods high in sugar should also be avoided and, if possible, completely removed from your menu.

That's because these foods contribute to the accumulation of fat in your body.

In addition to not being healthy for your body, as excess insulin can significantly impair the production of testosterone, an important hormone for the development of muscle mass.


Therefore, there are some foods that should be avoided for those looking to gain muscle mass, as these foods can significantly harm your goals and your health in general.

Thus, it is important to combine physical exercise with a very healthy and nutritious diet, to maximize results and hypertrophy your muscles more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, of course, to obtain a better quality of life during this process.

Therefore, it is recommended to exclude the mentioned foods from your menu, but, if you cannot, reduce their consumption to the minimum possible.

Anyway, don't forget to leave a comment if you liked the content or have any questions regarding the subject!

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