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Manufacturers That Don’t Comply with By way of In the end Lose

by Matt Weik

Gone are the days when someone's word really meant something. Do you remember those days? The ones people would say they were doing something and … REALLY pulled through? Here's a flash of news: While your word may mean nothing today, it means everything for the success of your brand and your business. Brands that don't prevail lose in the end.


There are no excuses

If you own a company, you have to be sure that you are not one of the brands that will not prevail. There is no excuse to hold your employees or employees responsible for this. You cannot blame yourself for being too busy. You cannot blame inventory problems. The bottom line is that you can never take back the words that come out of your mouth. You can apologize until you are blue in the face. But if you get stuck, you will never see that customer again.

Here's the perfect example (and it happened to me more than once). A brand appeals to me and wants me to try some of their products. They want me to be honest and if I want the product to tell my friends and family about the product and the brand. I like to try new things and curiosity gets the best of me, so I accept. I provide them with all the necessary information and wait.

A week passes. Two weeks go by. Three weeks pass. Nothing has appeared on my doorstep. So I decided to think again that the snail mail was still crawling or was lost / damaged during transportation. I ask them to follow up to make sure they don't get lost because I want to make sure they sit there thinking that I'm the one who doesn't follow by sending my feedback. What happens next is the death kiss.

Excuses. One after the other. Someone never entered the sample order. We ran out of product. Or the old "Let me check the tracking" and I'll never hear from you again. Guess what? Rather than giving you product feedback, I urge you to stay away from asking about your brand because you don't know how to run your business and are one of those brands that don't follow through. It makes me crazy. You only get one chance to get a good first impression and if you get stuck you missed your opportunity.

If I can't trust you to send samples (one of the easiest tasks you can do all day if you run your business) that you have informed me about, how should I trust your business and what in your product is (s)? I'm not going to chase you for rehearsals, I'm just going to refuse it, keep going, and don't do business with you. I have people knocking on my door all day. I will recommend one of these brands to my customers instead of yours.

The sad thing is that I end up with a bad taste in my mouth. You may not think that your word means a lot, but it does. It weighs a ton and can do or break your business. These brands have lost me as a customer forever. I don't respect people or brands that don't prevail. I am a man of my word and if I tell you that I will do something, I will do it. And I expect people to do the same. When these experiences have happened to me, you can bet that the same brands have done the same to others. It is bad business practice and in the end she will return to affect her business. Don't open your mouth if you can't deliver.


Customer service can make or break you

This principle must also be observed by your customer service department. I'm not saying that you need to hire rocket scientists to handle customer service, but they should at least be compassionate towards customers and potential customers, as well as being polite. They must adhere to the same rule that they shouldn't say anything if they don't intend to do so.

Customer service representatives are literally your company's firefighters. If there is anything on the phone or in the email that needs to be repaired, managed, edited or de-escalated, they are asked to process the order. You put out the fires. If you have someone who is consistently rude, unhelpful, and negative on the phone or in emails, they need to be removed from your company.

Here's the scary part about the fate of your company in the hands of customer service. They give them the power to solve problems (most of them at least). If they get stuck and you don't know they haven't, you will leave the chaos that results. This can be anything from angry phone calls asking to speak to the owner or manager, or even a nasty social media comment that has gone viral.

Brands that don't prevail will feel the anger of disappointed customers. Well, I'm not saying the customer is always right, but if you tell them you're going to do something, you'd better do it. If the customer has a bad experience (especially a bad first experience), it is better to make sure that you correct it, because if your name appears in the conversation, he can retell the story of how you treated it and did not follow your brand through ,

Have you had an experience in which you came across brands that don't prevail? What happened? Did they never take care of the problem so you never did business with them again? Or did they do it right, correct the situation and respect business for the way they dealt with it and looked after you? Let us know in the comments.

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