Males’s health clothes development for 2021

Those who are almost always in the gym know that fitness fashion encompasses much more than just beauty. It’s a matter of comfort. However, in addition to this main item, it needs to be adapted to what we like to use naturally. That’s why Bulking invests in quality fitness fashion for you.We know very well that clothes need to value your effort to achieve the result the way you wanted so much. That’s why our theme for today is dedicated to the 2021 fitness fashion trends. After all, what awaits us next year?

What should I invest in when it comes to fitness fashion?

Often, when we have a lot of options, we don’t know what to look for in a quality piece. This can lead us to make unprofitable choices. Well, when it comes to fitness items, we have three main issues to be observed:


Comfort: There’s no way! This is the item that most demands observation when buying a piece for training. Uncomfortable clothing can directly affect your exercise routine. Therefore, when buying, be sure to observe the material of the clothing as well as how it will look on the body.
Type of exercise routine: Yes, the type of workout should also be taken into account. Whether exercises for weight loss, hypertrophy or other types, they require different movements. Therefore, to suit the exercise and type of movement, different clothes should be worn.
Personal style: Of course, our tastes always influence the right choice of clothing. Don’t be afraid to impose your personal tastes even on what you wear at the gym.

A good brand will take all these items into account when offering you the best fitness apparel.

Knowing this, we bring you today the biggest fitness fashion trends in 2021. By choosing the right type of gym clothes that best suits your style, you will improve your workout performance. Follow with us then what 2021 saves for your wardrobe!

neutral tones

If in 2020 and 2019 colored clothes were the most quoted, this is the year of neutral tones. Good options are black and white shirts and even red and blue shades closed. Also, shorts with sober tones are a good choice. In the next topics we’ll talk more about the 2021 trend prints, but when it comes to colors you’ll have a range of options for more closed tones. For those who enjoy style sobriety, this will be the right year for this type of fashion.


Geometric Prints

Geometric shapes begin to invade shop windows with the most different patterns. Circles, squares, trapezoids and even a mixture of all the above forming a single image will be the fitness fashion trend of 2021. The geometric shapes in the prints draw attention, but in a softer way than other patterns. They will be present in the details and can be presented as stripes that go beyond the mesh. In this way, even sports clothes receive an extra touch of modernity with the different patterns and prints.


The regattas that came into fitness fashion a few years ago are still in full swing. This time adopting a more robust style, leaving the spaghetti straps aside and focusing on a wider frame. The regattas continue to follow the neutral and sober tones and are great choices for those who train hard. Fresh pieces that, if made with the proper material, can make you comfortable and still fashionable. Ideally, you should invest in something that will make you completely comfortable and that represents who you are. And the options are endless here at Bulking. Just take a look at our online store and choose the one that represents you the most.

Technological fabrics

The more time passes, the more technological advances emerge. This applies to fashion and clothing as well. But how do they work and what does technology fit into the 2021 fitness fashion? Imagine if fabrics could protect you from moisture, have high durability and still provide protection from UV rays? This is the path that the new generation of fabrics for fitness fashion is taking. Focusing on the comfort and protection of those who wear them, it is with them that the best gym clothes are being made. Compression knits enter this new trend and are now available here at the Bulking store!

Discover all 2021 trends in our store by clicking here.

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