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Males Spend Extra Time Watching Guys’ Chests than Girls, a New Research Says

Jacob Lund

If you're chasing a line of pumps that you think will impress your lady or gym crush, think again. A study published in Evolutionary Psychological Science found that men tend to stare at other men's upper breasts longer than women. In other words, your brother will congratulate your spectacular breast rather than your girlfriend.

"Eye movements showed that men viewed the breast region of other men longer than women," the study said.


The study examined whether men and women prefer a higher or lower ratio between the shoulder and the hip, with a higher ratio for people with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

82 heterosexual men and women were asked to examine and evaluate the attractiveness of three male and three female 3D models with different ratios between shoulder and hip. When evaluating the models, their vision was pursued by the researchers.

There were significant differences in what men and women found attractive. Men stared more often at the chest of the models with a higher shoulder-to-hip ratio, while women's attention to the men's chest did not differ.

The researchers also suggested that men consider other men with a high shoulder to hip ratio to be stronger than men with a lower ratio

"Men are more interested in men's torsos, suggesting that they want more male body shapes for their mating success and assess the form stability of other men," said Farid Pazhoohi, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia and author of the study the PsyPost website.



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