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Mac Trucc Says the Olympia Died After Jay Cutler Retired – Say What?

by Matt Weik

Whenever I need a good laugh, I go to Generation Iron's YouTube channel and play one of their videos. First of all, I want to say that I don't know Mac Trucc (Wes Boxley). I never met him, never spoke to him and I have nothing against him. It's impossible to talk about someone you don't even know. In fact, I only know him because of the beef that was between him and Rich Piana. While I'm not going to specifically go into Mac Trucc in this article, I'm going to address some of his comments during a Generation Iron interview saying that the Olympics died after Jay Cutler retired, as well as his thoughts on Olympians .


Who Fook is this guy? (With Conor McGregor's voice)

I'm sorry, but I can't stop saying "WHAT !?" (like Lil Jon) after hearing the words that came out of Mac Trucc's mouth in a recent interview with Vlad from Generation Iron. How can Mac Trucc say the Olympia died after Jay retired? It just doesn't make sense to me. I mean, I was a HUGE Jay Cutler fan, but I didn't think the Olympia died when it wasn't on the show anymore. I'll give him the point that I felt there was a shift after Jay went off the stage and hung up his posing suitcases, but saying that Olympia died is just wrong.

In an interview with Mac Trucc, he continued that after Jay & # 39; s departure, only Dexter Jackson and Victor Martinez were left – and that they could not wear the sport alone. Maybe I'm missing something, but Jay was pushed out by Phil Heath. Did he completely forget Phil? Was the Phil era the same as the Ronnie and Jay era? No, but during Phil's reign, the Olympia wasn't dead. You had Kai in the mix for a while and that kept things interesting. How can we forget the moment when everyone held their breath and thought Phil and Kai were going to hit the Olympic stage and need to be separated?

But just to paint the picture of what I'm saying, Phil defeated Jay in 2011. Here are some of the top 10 names from this Olympia: Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dennis Wolf, Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman Brandon Curry (the 2019 Mr. Olympia winner) and eleventh place was none other than that Mr. 2018 Olympic champion, Shawn Rhoden.

To further substantiate my point of view, let's look at the list of Mr. Olympia 2012: Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson, Zweig Warren, Dennis Wolf, Toney Freeman and Roelly Winklaar. Aren't these some of the names we all recognize as top bodybuilders?

Where would you get Victor and Dexter from in such a conversation? Victor never really got anywhere near the Olympics. Dexter won it once and was never really in the mix for the Sandow afterwards. Do you notice the first two names that I mentioned in the 2011 and 2012 Olympics? Phil Heath and Kai Greene. Heck, Kai hasn't competed in years and people still talk about him when every Olympics comes closer. So it doesn't even make sense for me to put the Olympics on Victor and Dexter's back.

Is there beef between Mac Trucc and Phil Heath?

I'm not here to speculate or start a drama, but in the interview with Generation Iron, Mac Trucc didn't even mention Phil's name when he talked about the Olympics. I mean, the man won the Olympic title seven times in a row. Shouldn't there be at least some respect for Phil? Where's Rodney Dangerfield?


After all, you put Jay on a pedestal, but Jay only won four Sandows and Phil won seven. It just doesn't seem right to say that "only four Sandows won", but you got it – Phil had a long run winning the Olympics, but he didn't go from head to toe with Ronnie Coleman either.

The only thing that I find strange during the interview is when Mac Trucc now said he has the IFBB (which means he has his pro card). All he needs is for "Olympian" to be associated with his name. Now I don't take Mac Trucc as someone half-hearted about anything. When he does something, he does his best to win. Why don't you care who wins the Olympics as long as you make it to the Olympics and "Olympian" is linked to your name and status so that it actually means something?

Last time I checked, Michael Kefalianos was an “Olympian” and nobody remembers him. Do you know how many professional wins Kefalianos had in the IFBB? One. The 2012 Mr. Europe Pro (and I even had to look it up since I didn't think he had any victories). I hate to say it, but being an "Olympian" doesn't mean much on a large scale when trying to build a name.

Dan Solomon and Jake Wood are a great duo for the Olympics

From all sources that I spoke to, including Dan Solomon himself, the Mr. Olympia 2019 was HUGE. It was a completely sold out arena and the show was electrifying. If what Mac Trucc said were true, eight years after Jay Cutler's retirement, you would think the show would be much smaller, no?

Look, it's all in a good mood. I can only guess that in the interview, Mac Trucc was on the spot when asked about the Olympics and just quickly found something to answer the question. I hope he doesn't believe deep down that the Olympia has died because it is far from dead. Now that Jake Wood owns the rights to the Olympics and all of the fitness media releases that once belonged to AMI, I only see great things in the years to come.

Finally, I wish Mac Trucc the best in the IFBB. He looked good when he won his professional card and hope that he can make it to the Olympics by securing a win this year so that he can put “Olympian” next to his name. In the meantime, all other participants will prepare to hopefully use their last name and earn the right to raise their hand as the 2020 Mr. Olympia winner and to take home a Sandow trophy for their mantelpiece.

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