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Lou Ferrigno Will Turn out to be a Deputy Sheriff in New Mexico

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New Mexican criminals should think twice before angering the deputy sheriff of Socorro County – because they wouldn't like him if he's upset.

Lou Ferrigno, the former bodybuilder and legendary Incredible Hulk television actor, has been named deputy sheriff in the county during a special ceremony, according to various reports.


It will not be the first time that 68-year-old Ferrigno is considered an incumbent law enforcement officer. The former Mr. Universe served as the deputy reserve sheriff in Los Angeles and was a member of the volunteer sheriff force in Maricopa County, AZ. In the latter role, he worked with actor colleagues Steven Seagal and Peter Lupus to prevent illegal immigration to the region.

He has also completed Level I law enforcement training and has delegated his accreditation to the Peace Officer.

In an interview with the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Ferrigno said his passion for law enforcement had started watching his father, who was a lieutenant in the NYPD.

One day after a story published by the Tribune in 2012, his father took him to the shooting range and shot four bullets into a paper target. "He said," If you ever behave badly, the same will happen to you, "Ferrigno recalled." I thought, "OK, I'll have respect from now on."

Ferrigno's presence will help recruit new officers and volunteers for the Sheriff's Department and Socorro County.



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