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Large Rob Health Is On The Rise!

by Christian Duque

In a world where social media is king and fans have an incessant appetite for new content, you really have to play along if you want to rise to the top. The consistency is enormous, you have to be ready to really pay your debts, you have to grit your teeth and you can’t expect the keys to the kingdom to magically fall from the sky, right into your hands. Most people will start an Instagram group, maybe a Facebook group, and a few will start YouTube channels and post material.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of content creators fall by the wayside because they fail to be successful the first time. Imagine spending hours brainstorming a topic, producing a video, and then promoting it for only minimal views. Most people can’t, their ego doesn’t allow them to. Some may hang out for a while, but in the end they just can’t imagine not being huge. Guys like Big Rob Fitness know better, they see the big picture and they know what to do. The truth is that anyone can download free social media apps. Having the apps and / or being alone on the platforms is good and okay, but that’s all. The followers, likes and comments only come if the content is high quality and consistent. Big Rob knows that too. Who is Big Rob and why should you care? Why is his star finally rising?

When I write an article about someone, I usually want to include their first and last name; But I also know that people like to adopt alternative identities in the fitness sector. It’s no different from rock stars. For example, not many people have heard of Stanley Eisen, but everyone knows who Paul Stanley is. Not many people know who Frank Ferrana is, but everyone knows Nikki Sixx. Also, many competitors choose to use different names because while there is absolutely nothing wrong with competition, they may not want this part of their life to follow them into the workplace. As I am sure many of you will appreciate, the corporate world (for example) may not be the most accepting and understanding when it comes to posing on stage. Anyway, I wanted to make this clarification because I think you, the reader, should know the basis for the omission. In any case, similar to the rock star examples, if I were to say Rob’s full name, many of you would know who I am talking about, but when I say “Big Rob Fitness” or “Big Rob TV” it is all of you You would be like “Oh, that guy !!” That’s my whole point.

I have to say that I am delighted to see Rob’s star rise. Here’s a guy who has always tried to help others but is caught up in a drama and for a minute maybe thought the world was going to fall on him. That’s part of the pressures that come with dealing with toxic people. For example, there are certain media outlets whose only claim to fame is to stir up drama. They don’t just do little things, they make a living from it. There are fans who fall into this category too. They are not bad people per se, they are just bored. The problem is, when bored fans have social media, they can get pretty hateful and obsessed. This is another reason so many would-be personalities fail on social media – once they become persona non grata with certain fans, they just can’t stand the abuse, so stop. Some not only give up, but disappear completely from the industry. The fact is, it takes a certain type of person to share their life and take the hits along with the awards. If you cannot share your journey, you will not succeed. If you can’t handle negativity, you’re done. Big Rob has really paid off his debt and his time is coming. It’s well deserved.

Big Rob is from Detroit, Michigan, the Autostadt. He’s a successful businessman with some very impressive connections, but when it comes to the iron game, it’s all about love. This is the guy who lives for training, his strength is through the roof and he knows his way around the sport. It is one thing to stand out but to know the sport of bodybuilding, pay the Great Respect and really appreciate history, that is what makes a real fan.

Additionally, Rob is truly a fitness and clean eating ambassador. He doesn’t just preach it – he lives it. Some of his best videos are where he sits down to eat and talks to his fans. He shares what he eats, tells which muscle groups he trained that day and takes the opportunity to interact with his audience. When celebrities are all about themselves, the gap between them and their fans begins to widen; Celebrities soon lose touch with reality. This is not a good place. When fans no longer identify with you, they find another star to support. This is how the biscuit crumbles.

Additionally, the fact that Rob promotes humanity is enormous. It is definitely needed in a world that is easy prey for prostitutes and con men. The fact is, he endured a lot and I’m sure if he could turn back time, he probably would have done things differently. On the other hand, I think we would all take such an opportunity. In retrospect, it’s always 20/20. That being said, our past is definitely part of our present and will inevitably play a role in our future.


Rob is in a very good place now – perhaps the best place he has ever been when it comes to his brand. Remember people, your name, and everything you do is your brand. Rob does pranks, he trains, he is a commentator and motivational speaker. He works with the Delray Misfits, and by that I mean, he met them, trained them, and broke bread with them. He’s shooting videos with Cassady Campbell, a major YouTube celebrity, and also appears as a billed guest on media outlets like RX Muscle. What I mean by billed guest is that they are introduced. It’s one thing if you happen to join a show or if your name comes up by accident. It’s a whole different thing when you’re in the marquee and an important part of the program’s promotions. In addition to being a guest, he is now being accepted as a commentator, and that also shows an important advance in his status in the industry.

Please make sure to show your support for Rob. I hope you enjoyed reading my article here in Iron Magazine. Follow the BRTV platforms and subscribe to them. As always, I look forward to your feedback in the comments.

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