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Large Ramy Stays True To His Signature Look

by Christian Duque

2018 was a very confusing year for fans of the Egyptian phenomenon Big Ramy. In 2017, he surprised the world with an impressive second place finish at 7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. At this point, Ramy had everything he needed to ensure his later success. He had a great supplement sponsor, he worked with a great coach and he worked with a fantastic gym. An important part of Ramy's business card has always been his size.

Too many, he is the Ruhl of his time. For those of you who remember, Markus was always very conditioned. Ramy graduated from some shows, such as winning the NY Pro, but was not overly conditioned at the 2017 Olympics, where he achieved the best finish of his career. Apart from that, he was second best in 2017 and when you finish second at the Olympics, one thing you do not do is drastically change your physique. If you look at Ramy's look in 2017 and compare him to Shawn's winner in 2018, Shawn will undoubtedly win. If you compare Ramy's 2nd place in 2017 to Brandon Curry's 2019 win, Brandon will undoubtedly win. The fact is, Ramy's appearance was good enough for 2nd place in 2017, but it really was not that spectacular. For that reason, not only did he win in 2018 when he tried to get an even better, massive look, but he also fell on the squares.

After the debacle of 2018 Ramy cleared the house. He basically cut down his longtime trainer and left his longtime gym. He went to Neil Hill, the legendary guru who prepared the Welsh dragon James "Flex" Lewis, and also had bodybuilding champion William "The Conqueror" Bonac among others. The interesting thing about this relationship is that they never did a show together in all online conversations. Ramy should make the Arnold and should have been injured. Then he should do the Tampa Pro, but never did. What Hill ultimately tasted was, in my opinion, his conviction that Ramy should scale down a lot, in a much slimmer and more aesthetic form. Was that a bad advice?

In fact, I think Hill's approach could have been Ramy's winning ticket. If Ramy had competed in the 270's with cracked ham, really striped glutes, and excellent condition, then he could have been competitive where the division went. See, that's the thing, the runner-ups do not lead the sport. The applause of the fans is not. The last champions we had were not mass monsters. The last big mass champion was Jay Cutler, and even Jay was not the Jay of 2001 or 2006 in 2010, 2011 and 2013. Times changed with Phil. Shawn was even slimmer than Heath. Brandon has made the crowd a little cooler again, but he's not a mass monster either. The fact is that bodybuilding is a sport of apples and oranges, but even the best looking melon can not be enough. If Big Ramy had ever won a £ 300 Sandow, anyone who wanted to become Mr. Olympia would be a better mass monster than he. This means that the entire top class of the sport would cancel the aesthetics for size. I think the judges do not want that.

Nevertheless, Ramy has left Hill and is now supposed to be back with his old friends and colleagues. Does that mean he will return to The Camel Crew and Bader? Well, here's the thing, he has not teamed with another coach since he split from Hill. We also know that he is basically confirmed for the Arnold Classic 2020. And when did we ever know that Ramy was preparing himself? And which coach, who is in his right mind, would do a shadow preparation? Why on earth would someone want to help him become Mr. Olympia and never get credit for it? That might happen in another sport, but not in bodybuilding, especially in the fitness industry.

When 2019 comes to an end, I find it very interesting that Big Ramy not only takes his preparation for Columbus seriously, but also poses as a guest again with massive size. It should be noted that Ramy, when he enters the stage at 320 pounds +, is not a bloated marshmallow. He is solid, he poses well and the fans are absolutely crazy.

Another consideration is that a bodybuilder, although he is now 320, with the Arnold will be 10-25 pounds lighter. That's because boys tend to lose size during their preparation – but not to Ramy. If he's 320 now, he could be 320 (or more) Arnold. He will either rebuild his existing weight or he will build more muscle. That's why he's really a freak !!

Even at this time Ramy would have, without the runner-up Olympiad 2017, which emerged over his head, 2019 (largely) would have skipped the situation completely, but in the end he has found his niche. He's BIG Ramy, not just Ramy, but BIG RAMY, and if Big Ramy comes all the way up, he'll make it on his terms. If he wins the Arnold, which he has never done, he will undoubtedly get a massive hype in the Olympics. How crazy would it be if he won the two biggest shows in bodybuilding – in the same year?!?!

What is your opinion? Can the Egyptian phenomenon do it?

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