Ladies in bodybuilder: meet and be impressed by the story of 5 nice athletes

Many people, when thinking about the world of bodybuilders, have the conception of men dominating the scene. But this is a big mistake as there are several women bodybuilders with a long tradition in the area.
Throughout history, we’ve had the development of female bodybuilding competitions. They served, mainly, to erase the past of this sport, whose competitions were made by sampling the bikini body.
From that, a whole new and rich sport was built and big names emerged, promoting inspiring women experts in the practice of bodybuilder. Today, the female community in sport is very diverse, with important qualifications on the scene.
To let you know more about female bodybuilding, we brought the story of 5 great names in the sport. With hard work and dedication, these women have earned their place in bodybuilding history. Learn more about them and get inspired on their journey.

History of women in bodybuilder

In the 1960s, the first female bodybuilding competitions appeared, such as Miss Physique and Miss American. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of this content, these events were perceived by many people as just a bikini competition.
Tired of that, several female competitors started to claim for events that really evaluated their muscular composition, as was done in men’s competitions.
Then came the US Women’s National Physique Championship in 1978, which is considered by many to be the first female bodybuilding championship.
From 1980 onwards there was greater organization by bodybuilding associations. This generated more encouragement for the professionalization and categorization of women in bodybuilders. In addition, this practice was raised to the official sports post.
With the appearance of the first Ms. Olympia, which is considered the biggest event in the sport in the world, the sport began to gain notoriety in the United States and abroad, increasing the number of athletes and competitions.


The female bodybuilder category today

Today, the world of women bodybuilders has expanded and built several sporting communities that strive to maintain a high level of competitiveness.
Furthermore, with the advancement of studies and techniques, sport is no longer seen as just building bodies with big muscles and has a philosophy of health and body functionality, obviously linked to muscle gain.
With the increase in the number of athletes, the sport has adapted to create different categories that encompass the different types of bodies and focuses within bodybuilding.
ESPN, with the help of a Brazilian bodybuilder, put together a report that shows the evolution and difference of each category within female bodybuilding. You will be pleased to hear how important this evolution was for women.
With this, it is possible to understand that the bodybuilder is not just about having a big and muscular body. Each category takes into account different aspects related to symmetry, muscle composition, fat percentage, among others.

Inspiration and story of 5 women in bodybuilder

Now that you know a little more about the history behind women’s bodybuilding and how this sport has changed over time, it’s time to be inspired by the journey of 5 great bodybuilder athletes, who are references in the field and who have brought huge gains to sport.

Iris Floyd Kyle
Born in 1974 (46 years old), in the United States, Iris Floyd Kyle is currently considered one of the greatest female bodybuilders in activity.
With a total of 17 titles, 10 of them on Ms. Olympia, Floyd is the sport’s biggest winner.
She started her career by moving to another city and finding herself in front of many people with a healthy lifestyle. Initially, she decided to challenge herself to follow this standard of health, and as a result, she met, fell in love and entered the world of bodybuilding.
As an amateur, Floyd started his career 1996, when he won his first title. After professionalization, she has secured several titles and, without a doubt, is one of the biggest names among women in the international bodybuilder.

Yaxeni Orichen
If Floyd is considered the pride of female bodybuilding in the United States, we also have a very renowned Latino representative. Born in 1966 (54 years old), in Venezuela, Yaxeni Orichen is one of the most exponents of female bodybuilders in Latin America.
She started her career through theatre, where she ended up going into modeling. This area encouraged her to take care of her body and that’s where she got to know the world of bodybuilding. His initial goal was to transform his lean body and make him more muscular and defined.
A year after starting training, Orichen became a mother. However, this did not interfere with her bodybuilding career and she continued to train and compete.
Orichen accumulates several major titles, such as the Pro-Card, which took place in Puerto Rico, and the Ibero-American championship, which features athletes from Central Europe and South America.
She is keen to emphasize that her age is just an extra motivation to stay in the field, breaking the stereotype that older people become frail and sedentary.

Debi Laszewski
Born in 1969 (51 years old), also in the United States, Laszewski currently ranks third in the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) women’s bodybuilder ranking.
She started in the world of bodybuilding after being inspired by the highly defined physicists of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in the movie “The Terminator”.
The beginning of his career was difficult and troubled, as Laszewski was seen as a promise in the sport, but he embittered a seventh and twelfth position in his first two international competitions.
She then gave up competing for five years and returned in 2005, when she placed second in her competition that marked her big comeback. However, there is a particularity in this position of Laszewski, since the first place was consecrated with a biased decision of the judges. Until today there are no explanations for what happened.
Even with little titles, she has been in the Top 5 of the Ms. Olympia Championship since 2009, and is considered the biggest threat to champion Iris Floyd Kyle.

Alina Popa
Born in 1978 (42 years old), in Romania, she currently occupies the first position in the IFBB women’s bodybuilder ranking.
Before joining the bodybuilding world, Popa participated in athletics competitions at the university, where she graduated as a teacher of English-Romanian languages.
At the age of 19, he joined a gym, where he was inspired by another woman who trained for amateur competitions. She then started to train on her own, until 2 years later a coach suggested competitive training.
In 2000, in his first local competition, he took second place. Already in its first national competition, it occupied the third place. Since then, in every competition she participates, she has been among the top 5 placed.


Betty Viana-Adkins
Born in 1971 (49 years old), in Venezuela, we have another representative from South America who is among the great names of women in this sport.
Graduated in Computer Administration and Analysis at a technology university, Viana-Adkins started training at just 15 years old. However, at that time his intention was just to have a fit body. It was in 1997 that she received encouragement to participate in championships.
In 2002, Viana-Adkins won her first professional championship and qualified for Ms. Olympia, a competition she has participated in ever since and which almost always guarantees a place in the top 5.

Great women always inspire us!

After knowing a little more about the women who stand out in this competition, you could see how much they were challenged to win their place.
Today, women’s bodybuilding competition receives greater incentives, but for years this was a benefit that only men had. Including the notoriety that is gained by winning a title in the area.
However, they never gave up. They became strong women, not just physically, but to face all the difficulties that arose.
Therefore, this content is special to inspire all women to continue their paths and also become true winners!

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