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Katina Eats Kilos – A Channel You’ll Love!

by Christian Duque

Watching YouTube videos is something most people enjoy doing. Who would have thought that this one website would almost completely change the way people around the world watch videos online? There have been attempts by others to replicate the vision, but in comparison, everything has faded. Facebook failed despite trying again with IGTV. Vimeo has been trying for a long time, but it’s just not there. Google tried it for a while, gave up and bought YouTube. That was probably one of her smartest steps.


I love Youtube and I have the premium plan. I don’t get advertising. I can download videos to watch offline. It’s worth the $ 13 a month. I usually watch a lot of funny videos (e.g. Jack Vale, GilstrapTv), I watch First Amendment’s reviewers and a lot of historical things. Bodybuilding content is definitely on the watch list because I am a bodybuilding writer, but some of the channels that I love most are food channels. If there is a connection between food and fitness – even better !! I saw videos about Evan Centopani perfecting his sauerkraut recipe, I saw The HodgeTwins visit ALL types of Drive Thrus, and I loved seeing Furious Pete (the guy could take out huge amounts of food, as if it is nobody’s business). I recently came across a channel that I seriously can’t get enough of. Her name is Katina, her channel is Katina Eats Kilos and for all 5’2, 125lbs she can eat more than most boys my size – or bigger !! This article is about her, her channel, and why YOU should subscribe, press this stupid bell for notifications, and never miss a single video of her. You will love her in the first few minutes of the first video you click on – I guarantee it !!

As far as I know, Katina serves in the military, she has competed before and hopes to have her professional card in a natural association, and she’s in great shape. I guess she eats super clean most of the time and only eats junk food for content on her channel. I’ve seen a lot of videos where she says that she trains by eating huge amounts of vegetables and taking a look at her body, and you know that she is probably training quite regularly. If you read between the lines, it is clear that it is 100% bold. The only way to maintain that muscle mass is to exercise, eat clean, and take really good care of yourself. I mention this because, like Furious Pete, she is an eater who, in her prime, looks like she could step on the stage in a physique-based competition and do really well. That makes their competitive eating skills all the more impressive.

Katina’s video catalog is really enough. She can eat large amounts of food, but she can also do so under timed conditions. In addition to her great physique, she is extremely entertaining, which further distinguishes her from many competitive eaters. To clarify my point of view, she records most of her videos alone (whether at home or in the car), but keeps her dialogue exciting as if she were interacting with her viewers. It’s one thing to keep a monologue, but to make it so interesting that people want to see it, just like they want to see food, great skill is required. Katina also tends to bounce around; She doesn’t really get up because this would violate many of the rules of the competitions in which she takes part, but she does have a kind of happy hop-in-place while eating foods that she particularly likes. In addition, she always interacts with the one who interacts with her while eating, even if excessive chatting has led her to some pretty close conversations with the watch.

Most of the challenges include food, a t-shirt, and possibly a few dollars (nothing crazy), but the boastful rights are what it’s about. They are driven by content and title. When she is busy with work or travel, she always makes sure to record enough material so that the channel runs as usual and her audience is engaged. This is the key to a successful channel on Youtube. She is also on Instagram and when I recently tagged her on a story from my @ StrengthAddicts page, she responded quickly and thanked me. That is also the key. Do not ignore your fans and keep up to date with news, comments and even likes. You never know someone like The Rock, Arnold or Axl Rose may like one of your posts – so watch out for likes too. Do a great thing about something like that! Oh yes, a few more points about Katina – she is beautiful, she is extremely funny and she is an absolute trendsetter. I love how she tells you. Y’all is a real country bumpkin term that I hear a lot here in Kentucky, but Katina says it in a really cool, Californian way. I tell you she is a trendsetter !!

Even if you love food, you will love this channel. Many competitive eaters, even like Furious Pete, never really enjoy eating. I almost think that her taste buds have gone numb for pretty much all flavors. I haven’t seen Katina eat something she doesn’t like. Your channel is not about that. In fact, there are some videos in which she doesn’t even eat competitively, but simply eats and interacts with her audience. Whether she eats for a competition or just to have a good lunch or dinner, she always takes the time to point out the characteristics of her food. She is definitely a foodie in the heart. If something is perfectly cooked, seasoned just right, and / or has an amazing texture, she’ll talk about it. She also likes to promote local businesses and definitely gives praise for the great service. These are features that you won’t find in most professional restaurants. It’s not that her channels aren’t great either, it’s just that Katina Eats Kilos is breaking the norm. Katina does her own thing and although she definitely goes to the top, she still values ​​sending traffic to other channels. That says a lot about them.


I think it’s absolutely great that you can’t judge a book by its cover. If you saw this girl go to a restaurant at 5:30 a.m., a dollar twenty-five, you would never think she could put a 72-ounce steak away in 40 minutes. Not only that, but meanwhile she was talking to people, she was dancing happily a few times (while sitting) and you felt like she could get up from the table and walk away like nothing when all was said and done. She is not carried away on a stretcher, has not complained or complained that she cannot eat for days. She is a warrior and people just can’t believe it. “Where’s all the food gone,” you will often ask. How does she have cut arms, a super tight middle part and eats like that? It is absolutely amazing! But it takes work, everything needs work !! Just because she’s super chilled and down to earth doesn’t mean she’s not giving it all. Be sure to check out Katina Eats Kilos!

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