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Kai Greene’s Star Continues to Soar

by Christian Duque

It's been half a decade since The Predator, Kai "Mr. Getting Started" Greene has entered the Mr. Olympia stage, and most people think the 2014 Olympics was his last race, but he actually left after Having won a recent Arnold Classic title, although he is almost retired, his more than 5 million fans from IG and others around the world remain hoping that he will return to the stage every year.


He has held up well in the years since leaving the competition, from landing in Netflix productions to starting a successful supplement line, to opening gyms. He has also remained very active with his travels around the world. In many situations, his visits are similar to those of a head of state, with entire neighborhoods closed. In India, for example, crowds of fans line the streets as Green's motorcade passes by. Sometimes the fans are lucky and catch a glimpse of Kai waving at them like a pope. Besides all his luck, it always looks like he could jump on stage within a few weeks. He poses, trains, does cardio, but he never competes. Even more frustrating is that he received special invitations and was never wooed like any other top bodybuilder. But nothing has got Kai to start again. Well, with the news he will release on the cover of the next issue of Muscular Development, this is just another example of Green's unstoppable stellar power. I mean, what a way to end in 2019 and start the new decade. Phil Heath performs puff-piece interviews with Dave Palumbo and Kai Greene graces the cover of magazines available at kiosks around the world. Some things never change when it comes to popularity and relevance.

To be honest, I can not say that I was really a fan as much as I liked Kai's personality and his lengthy answers to some of the simplest black and white questions. Kai could have been the jay cutler of his time, he was so close, and there were years when a decision for him about Phil would have been welcomed, but he gave up. His fans will argue that other things have been done, as Lou Ferrigno did in the 1970s, but I disagree with this comparison. If you looked at Lou next to Arnold and looked with unbiased eyes, you could see that Lou was never in Arnold's zip code. The guy was tall and well-structured, but he lacked the symmetrical form of Arnold. Lou would have had a hard time beating Franco in 1976, and in the late '70s he had absolutely no chance of beating Robby Robinson or Frank Zane. In fact, when Lou came back in the 90s (and even dwarfed Dorian), Robby beat him again 20 years later. Kai Greene, on the other hand, was a uniquely different story. I'd say Kai pushed Phil harder than Dorian Haney and / or Jay Ronnie. The fact that Kai was so close and then stopped is frustrating. It is also silly to say that the guy is half retired – he has not competed for more than 4 years. In every sense, the guy is done on stage, but nobody wants to admit it. They prefer to keep the door open, because this extremely remote possibility will finally decide Kai to go back as a competitor on the stage. I still say he's done with the competition.

On the other hand, Kai is just beginning his non-competitive career. I mean, imagine how hard it is to make money from gyms in the US. Kai opens three gyms in India. Is he Indian, did he live in India? No to both, but he has such an eye for business and is so popular that you watch – he'll beat gold.

The same with his ebooks. I do not quite understand why he sells a few of them for $ 1 each. I think it's great that he did this business once again. He also carries out training programs and makes with them all the same time similar blowout sales. Many of us do not understand it, but when we look at the big picture, we connect the dots. Kai Greene builds an empire and he does it without ever having won the Mr. Olympia. I mean, how crazy is that? Even if you think he makes a bad business decision, look at the big picture and let time take its place, and Kai is sure to be successful!

Very few people get it. For one thing, I never understood the bondage equipment. You know, in all the years I've seen him posing, I've always considered him one of the most skilled posers of his time, but the bondage gear, the theater masks, the headstands, it just turned out to be weird. On the other hand, what's funny to me might be art to you. That's what this sport is all about, subjectivity. Still, I find it absolutely reasonable to conclude that bondage equipment is inappropriate in a family sport. Still, Kai Greene will be Kai Greene, and I'd say he's damned good. What are you saying? What do you think about 2020 and the future of the man you call "The Predator"?

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