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Kai Greene vs. NSP VERSUS Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly

by Matt Weik

What a fun world we live in that people have to create content in order to set another person on fire. I remember hearing the back and forth between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly on various tracks and social media posts, and now I suddenly experience déjà vu with the drama between Kai Green and Nick’s Strength and Power.


As I’m writing this article, I think I should put on Eminem’s Killshot and get on with Machine Gun Kelly’s Rap Devil and just loop her. But seriously, this whole “feud” between Kai Greene and Nick is like an underground rap battle in which the two rappers blow each other up and don’t walk away from the microphone.

Will the real bodybuilder please stand up?

Ok, that’s a trick question and a play on words, all mixed up like puke on your sweater, mommy’s spaghetti (I’ve mixed horrific papa jokes with rap verses for days – but I’ll save you the pain of continuing down this path).

But to be honest, have a seat and have a seat, Kai. Put this on hold as you have done for several years (you are now more than experienced at it). You like to pick up the microphone and spit a good game behind your Instagram account, but you have no intention of getting back on a bodybuilding stage. You just like to troll your fans by posting “updates” as if you were preparing for a show. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the bodybuilding fans out there have walked away from you. They prefer to support bodybuilders who actually support their fans and go on stage.

The fact that you have to try a YouTuber like Nick’s Strength and Power shows how desperate you are to stay relevant. I mean what happened What really happened that you retired from competing bodybuilding without ever saying that you were really done? Tired of Phil punching your ass? Was it a beef with AMI (which is no longer even in the picture)? But now you go so deep that you talk shit about a YouTuber (several times over the years) just because he calls it just like I do right now and says that you are a social media troll.

With the Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly back and forth, it was at least entertaining and between two artists who both want the best for the music game and their fans. There’s nothing entertaining about a bodybuilder who quits with his fans, never won the Olympics, and still trolls on social media like he should “come back” when he talks about “weak lineups.” Either go on stage and win these shows if the lineups are weak, or sit down and shut up.

It’s really annoying that we’re all talking about Kai Greene here again. We all know he won’t run.


Kai lives the lifestyle – and that’s cool – just put an end to the antics

Here I am with you. From a physical standpoint, I take my hat off to Kai for maintaining his body while he works on other endeavors. Frankly, that’s admirable and respectable. If you look at a lot of the bodybuilders who have retired and seen them today, they don’t look (for the most part) like they did on stage – Kai still does. So, I don’t want to take any of Kai’s love of bodybuilding and lifestyle away from him. He just has to stop the stupid antics.

I think more people would respect Kai if he just played it like that – he doesn’t come back, but he loves to flaunt his body. Just call a spade a spade. Why do you have to keep hinting at a comeback when you’ve been doing the same song and dance for years?

Nobody misses you on stage at this point. You burned down too many bridges with your fans. They will follow you as a personality and keep up to date on Kai’s life, but they won’t sit on the edge of their seat and hang on to every word you say or post on social media about the possibility of a comeback.

At this point, anyone who thinks you’re coming back is being fooled – but that’s what you want, isn’t it?

The social media posts and comments are none other than Kai playing with his fans. He knows exactly what he is doing. The problem is, I think he has a hard time giving up the sport and focusing solely on his endeavors other than his looks, and his bodybuilding career is what he is known for and what made him the personality he is today with a massive following.

Every year I feel like a broken record sitting here hitting a dead horse and talking about Kai Greene. Nick’s strength and power has even given up hope of a comeback for Kai Greene and has now had enough of his antics – which is probably one reason why Kai wants to come back to Luimarco and described Nick as “boring”. Well, Nick has, if not the biggest bodybuilding YouTube channel, at least one of the biggest bodybuilding YouTube channels out there.

“Love the way you lie”

There’s another twist that could happen here, but I don’t think it’s likely. Just like Eminem introduced Rihanna in his song Love the Way You Lie, could both Kai and Nick be there together to further enlarge their audience? Kai talks about Nick to get him some attention, and then does Nick return the favor by talking about Kai to help Kai stay relevant? Basically they both lie to get something in return? (Follow and click)

I dont know. Anyway, I just know that I’m absolutely sick of talking on social media about what’s going on with Kai Greene and he (and his sponsor) hinting at a comeback. It’s been years since talking the same nonsense. People would respect Kai more if he just came out and said he was done, but he’d love to keep interacting with and providing content to his fans. The end. That’s all he’d have to do to end this bad taste he’s making on everyone’s lips. But will he ever tell the truth? Probably not.

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