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Joseph Baena – WILL – Write His Personal Ticket

by Christian Duque

Joseph Baena is Arnold Schwarzenegger's son and he was featured on all social media with a recent photo of the young bodybuilder that emerged from a viral cryotherapy session. Since he was seen in a Terminator 2 remake, he's been making waves in Hollywood. Although the remake was short, it caught a lot of interest from the young actor, especially (now) after he finished college and most likely wanted to make some important career decisions.


Many in the bodybuilding world have also followed his career closely, as any indication that he would compete would be extremely good news for the sport. Political commentators also raved about Joseph, with the general consensus that he could be a very viable future candidate for public office. Much like Arnold's other children, Baena attended a great university, he was interested in many of the disciplines that drove his father to be a superstar, and he knows how to create the kind of positive buzz that is an integral part of building a large, strong following is the digital age. If only this child could be cloned, it could do a million different things and probably surpass them all; Given that I am certain that he wants to live up to the goals he has set for himself, I assume that he will have to start with each one and evolve over time. Arnold did not come to America to run for the governor. He started with bodybuilding, switched to acting and then to politics. When he got to the top with every interest, he discovered a new one. I suspect Joseph's trajectory will look like this too. I think he can do exceptionally well in bodybuilding, acting and politics and possibly even outperform his father. Here's why.

I would say that bodybuilding is the most obvious. From all of Arnold's children, Joseph built a physique that virtually eliminates the 90s and even the current bodybuilding look. By that I mean that you look at Arnold in his heyday (mid-1970s) and look at the physique that Joseph built and that continues to perfect, and you see very strong similarities. The way he trains and most likely eats and uses supplements seems much more in line with the way people worked in the Golden Era than anyone today. This look, combined with his striking resemblance to his father, will help him get very far in a sport that relies heavily on marketing and advertising.

Can you imagine how much electricity Baena would consume if he competed for a IFBB Pro League Pro Card in the NPC at local, regional or especially national level? See how excited people are when Arnold takes a selfie with Cedric McMillan or when he takes a follow-up photo with Sergio Oliva Jr. after so many years. Can you imagine Arnold, the namesake of the Arnold Classic, taking a selfie from the venue? with his son, who as IFBB Pro League Pro struck one of his characteristic poses from the 70s on stage in the competition he created? He wouldn't even have to win the competition, he'd just be there. And you don't qualify for Arnold, you're invited. I'm pretty sure they could do it. Lol. I mean seriously, only the idea of ​​the photo itself is enough to give every real bodybuilding fan goosebumps. Imagine the type of advertising and the level of fanfare that would lead to the show if Joseph were a competitor. He could even compete in the Arnold Amatuer; It is just something that would be monumentally historical !! I can't tell you how big that would be.

Bodybuilding also started for Arnold, and maybe it will start for Joseph. Legacies are great in every discipline, and if you think legacies are easier, you can't be wrong. Just ask Hunter Labrada or Sergio Oliva Jr .; If anything, they have to beat everyone on stage, but they also try to please their legendary fathers. Legacies have more pressure on their shoulders, but this pressure is undeniably building a very strong character. It is a different matter. These kids will always be kids in the eyes of the fans cheering on their fathers, but they really get their money's worth. They deserve their own respect (at some point), earn their own fan base, and continue to accomplish great things. I don't think Joseph wants to be an Arnold nostalgia act either. I think he will please his father and his father's work, but he will be as self-made and self-driven as he is.

The name Schwarzenegger opens doors in Hollywood. If your last name is Schwarzenegger, you can pretty much write your own ticket. However, Joseph's last name is Banea and he will open his own doors and write his own ticket. A person with the surname Schwarzenegger is automatically treated with stars, but people, workers, the vast majority of people who have had to pay their fees, will have more respect for a child that no one has ever known about who is in a beautiful 4 bedroom house lived (but by no means a mansion) and who made his way more than a child born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Joseph may already have an agent, but we should see him in big movies – like yesterday !! A short film is great for art classes and small film festivals, but let's take it seriously. On the other hand, it may be his plan to start with bodybuilding and progress. It's just that, I don't know what his plan is, but I'm curious to see where he goes. If a photo in a cryotherapy station could make as much noise as this week's social media offering, what would happen if it played a role in a big movie? I personally think his agent should have a close relationship with Netflix and let young Baena read for the media service provider for a variety of roles in a variety of genres. Skip all other companies – focus on Netflix.


This kid should never appear in cheesy, low budget B-movies that no one ever sees. There are so many of them that I think producers use them as a loss on their taxes. We should never see Joseph as an extra or play a subordinate role. I think it would be great if Arnold also made anonymous phone calls behind the scenes and really established Joseph in show business. It is the least he can do.

I have always read that Baena has an interesting relationship with his siblings and I don't want to talk about it because I have no knowledge of it. I can say that I have half siblings and only the concept of a half sibling is not offensive to me. I hate it. I understand that we only have one parent in common, but I have a sister and a brother and I love them both. When I think of her, I think of a brother and I think of a sister; I never remember the word "half". In Joseph's case, that's probably a cool theory to read about, but it's absolutely not his reality. He did not live like his Schwarzenegger siblings. He has the same father as her – but not even the same last name as her. His mother was a domestic worker, not an American queen, and that too leads to a separation that I would imagine would quickly become painfully obvious. What must make things even more complicated is the fact that the unknown son, who looks identical to Arnold, has a strikingly similar physique and is just as well accepted by him over time. If someone doesn't think sibling rivalry is one thing, I think you live in the twilight zone. Sibling rivalries are definitely a thing for everyday people. So you can be sure that they are a thing for the descendants of legends.

If Joseph ever goes into politics, he will make it big. Unlike his siblings, who can claim the names Shriver / Kennedy and Schwarzenegger, Baena is a Guatemalan-American boy from Bakersfield. This is as much working class and work as possible. If he becomes democratic, with an emphasis on social welfare and tax-conservative tax characteristics, he will be governor of California until the age of 35 (provided he is eligible at that young age). Arnold was a watered-down Republican with liberal tendencies, but we all know how culturally diverse these California GOP events must be. I'm sure they'll be fine for a German married to a Kennedy, but … If Baena takes care of them, he'll get enough of their support to seal the deal – he would probably don't even have to do campaigns. And unlike Arnold, who wasn't born in America, it was Joseph, and one day Joseph might be able to run for president.

Let me make that clear. Listen, people, every citizen can run, but when I say RUN, I mean RUN with a good chance of winning. If Arnold could have walked, believe me, he would have won. If you were wondering how Trump won without being a party hardliner, you would have been far more impressed by a Schwarzenegger presidency. Who knows, we could experience one with Joseph.

By the way, how are your Spanish, Joseph? PLEASE tell me that you speak it? If you don't, practice, practice, practice. Watch as many telenovelas as possible. You are ready within a year. No kidding, Hermano!

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