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Jeremy Potvin Strikes Up To Traditional Physique

by Christian Duque

When news broke that legendary Men’s Physique pro Jeremy Potvin had made the decision to move up to Classic Physique, many had flashbacks to the not-too-distant past when Sadik attempted a similar stunt. At that time Hadzovic was at the top of the world and dominated the MPD; However, when he met Mr. Olympia Frank Zane three times, the compliments got to his head. When The Chemist states that a current competitor like him was displaying his training ethic, and posing like the guys at The Golden Era of Bodybuilding, it was impetus enough to make anyone reconsider their game.


Sadik went fast and said he would dominate the next league. Despite being well placed, it wasn’t the overnight sensation he envisioned and eventually had to return to Men’s Physique. Jeremy has a different mindset and it seems his rise has been based on careful deliberation. In fact, Potvin doesn’t think there is room within the parameters of MPD to develop his body any further. He also prefers the classic physique look, from good legs to perfect proportions, and wants to emulate greats like Lee Labrada, Bob Paris and contemporary champions like C-Bum. Jeremy also has a realistic timeframe for how long it will take him to become a classic, be competitive, and eventually get on stage. There is no rush. Unlike Sadik, who doomed himself by trying to do everything in a hurry, Potvin will take his time. Another positive aspect of Jeremy’s mindset is that he doesn’t want to dominate the new department at first; he just wants to be competitive. Overall, I like what Jeremy is doing, but is this going to be the start of a wave of MPD guys looking to move up?

Jeremy Potvin is no stranger to being among the best of the best. He has secured top placings at the Olympics for years, and since 2016, when his name appeared on the participant lists, the media cannot help but either win him or place him in the top 5. He is a competitor who can be very good and has outgrown the division in which he competes.

While many often joke about MPD types and legs, many actually have pretty decent bikes, train their legs hard, but don’t get credit for their efforts. If a man wants tears, quad sweeps, shredded hams, and striped glutes, he must check out Classic Physique or Bodybuilding. Men’s Physique isn’t about big muscles, extreme stamina, or the freak factor. While it’s safe to say that the division has moved away from the days when Mark Anthony ruled and even when Jeremy Buendia was at the helm, it is still not a bodybuilding division. While some of the most accomplished MPD professionals have grown considerably in size, only the upper body is counted. This raises many of the concerns highlighted by Potvin. A lot of the guys who move up to classic or open bodybuilding do so because they want to build and show off a complete body. You want big shoulders, narrow waists, and huge wheels. You want to be a bodybuilder.

Lots of people oppose a wave of crossovers, but Jeremy, much like Sadik, might very well trigger that reaction. Remember that Potvin took 4th place in the 2020 Men’s Physique Olympia. This is a fucking place !! The top four in the Superbowl of Physique-based sport are a stepping stone to winning the title without leaving the division. Very few media outlets have really touched this story, largely because Potvin has set a date for Spring 2022 when he plans to step on stage. Some experts and writers might just wait and see. Could Potvin just think out loud? Maybe he needs to recharge, take some time off, or yes, maybe he’s serious.

The fitness industry has become so skeptical that even if an athlete makes their case and makes their intent crystal clear, the media hesitate. It is almost as if the media are more likely to speculate wrongly and run with stories that they later (embarrassingly) have to withdraw publicly, rather than reporting actual news – like this one. That’s ok, the nice thing about writing for Iron Magazine is that we can do what we want. I get real news whenever I can !! Regarding the mass exodus from the MPD, I doubt this will ever be the case. While Classic has grown like wildfire and bodybuilding is stabilizing after years of stagnation, MPD continues to hold up strong. It’s the most achievable look, it’s the best choice to do well in mainstream circles, and it fills the house at the local and regional level. These are the competitions that really pay the bills !!


How do I think Jeremy will fare? Well, I don’t think he’s going to be winning the Classic Physique Olympia any time soon, and that’s fine! He’s not saying that in a year he will build a winning body. I think he wants to make sure he has enough time to put together a competitive look, be humble, and start from scratch. With a game plan like this, you know it will be successful. He has shown great respect for the department in which he started and he is gradually moving to the department where he finally wants to test his courage. I think as long as he gets smart, keeps his midsection tight, and really highlights his lower body, there’s no reason he won’t rise to the top in Classic too. The nice thing about advancing is that the MPD champion is getting into a division that has rigid parameters that work with height and weight. While professionals weigh a little more than amateurs, there is virtually no risk of blowing up Potvin or anyone else. That’s always a fear when guys move up from classic to bodybuilding. We’ve seen guys literally get big and puffy and lose all of their lines – in a single prep !! That won’t happen here, but growth still needs to be carefully mapped. I imagine Jeremy will grow FAST if he hits his legs hard !!

Is that the right step for the best MPD Olympiad? Do you think Jeremy will find his home in Classic?

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