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Is Marc Lobliner’s Outright Bar the Subsequent HUGE Acquisition?

by Matt Weik

In the past, I've talked about the Outight Bar and the sounds in the industry. And I don't just speak here in the US, I speak GLOBAL. And the success of the brand is thanks to Marc Lobliner, and I honestly scratched my head as he does it alone.


In general, the growth we've seen with the Outright Bar has been seen more than once, with a team that includes C-Suite executives who work with managers who control both the sales and marketing teams , When you look at the Outright Bar and her office, there is a man sitting in the room – and that is Marc Lobliner. And this room (office) also has a bed in it. And yes, he sleeps in his office when he travels to headquarters. How many owners / CEOs do that to win?

Many refer to him as "The Machine" from many years ago, but honestly, he is probably not a human. The man is CEO of Outright Foods (Outright Bar), CEO of MTS Nutrition and CMO of He puts more kilometers on his vehicle in a month than I do in more than a year. And his hard work and hectic pays off with the success of the Outright Bar.

The product speaks for itself (and sells)

I'm sure some people don't like the outright bar – and that's fine. But the fact that it got so big without much financial support says something about the product itself. Look, the product is not complicated. That may seem tough, but it is the truth. It's a whole food protein bar that doesn't contain a lot of junk, but still tastes great when you have such a short list of ingredients. But that's how Marc created it, which makes it so special and unique.

I am not affiliated with Outright Bar, but I will record that it is undoubtedly my favorite protein bar on the market – no doubt, no BS.

I wouldn't say Marc is sitting in his office rubbing two nickels together, but he doesn't have to drop the kind of coin brands Quest Nutrition needs to grow their brand. And see what happened to Quest Nutrition last year – they were purchased by the Simply Good Foods Company for $ 1 billion. Yes, that's a "B" for BILLIONS, not an "M". Crazy, right?

In my opinion, these bars are also quite cheap. Most protein bars are in the $ 2 to $ 3 range, as the outright bar does. The profile of the bars shows approximately 15 g protein, 26 g real carbohydrates (no filling waste) and 12 g healthy fat. The bars are soft and aromatic – and more importantly, there's an outright bar for everyone.


The Outright bar can be purchased as a peanut butter or almond butter bar. There is even a herbal version for vegans.

Who Will Buy Outright Bar?

That's a good question. Although I very much doubt at this point that Marc is going to sell, I am sure that he has to sit down and evaluate whether he wants to get out or see where he can go if the right number is thrown out.

And don't think I'm here just because Marc Lobliner and I have a common history in the industry and are friends who love his horn. (The whole sentence just sounded wrong). Aside from all the jokes, what Marc does with the outright bar is stunning.

Stack3d has awarded Outright Bar the functional brand of the year and thus fought tough competition. Industry consultant Josh Schall chose Outright Bar as his third largest winner of the sports nutrition brand from 2019. Marc seems to launch a new outright bar every few months, regardless of taste or type.

While Marc sells the Outright Bar himself, he has partnered with Europa Sports and Muscle Foods USA to get his bars nationally distributed. Aside from that, Marc himself has the Outright Bar online everywhere in places like The Vitamin Shoppe, HyVee Grocery, Lipari Grocery, Giant Eagle Grocery, Kwik Trip, D&B Grocery, ACE Hardware, and Popeye & # 39; s in Canada Obtain and pop supplement stores and, as mentioned, retailers around the world (as well as retailers like Prometeus that sell across Europe).

Frankly, I think it's only a matter of time before a big player reaches Marc and throws out a large number to purchase Outright Bar. Marc does things that I have only seen from TEAMS that build a brand, and the people who make up this team all have their niches like specialty, FDM, convenience, etc. Marc, he just rolls up his sleeves and moves on get to work. He didn't start Outright Bar on every connection in the world. He picked up the phone and accepted the meetings. Then he sat down with these big companies to finalize the deal. You can't help but greet the hustle and bustle.

All in all, when I look into my crystal ball, I see Marc Outright selling bar for a huge amount of money over the next five years. Maybe I am wrong and he will continue on his way? But at the end of the day, you have to get on and off while the iron is still hot. Stop too long and the evaluation could decrease. But at the moment Marc is building something bigger than I think, even if he imagined it.

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