I’m Mike Matthews, Founder and CEO of Legion Athletics. Ask Me Something.

I'm Mike Matthews, founder and CEO of Legion Athletics. Ask me something. – Legion athletics






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In the past 19 years I have experienced the fitness game quite often.

I was the newbie once I had no idea, tracked the training in a magazine, and bought hundreds of dollars of worthless supplements every month.

I was once the type who was in a rut and went through the movements every week with no noticeable improvements in body composition.

I used to be the guy who thought that dieting to slim down was far more complicated (and exhausting) than it needs to be.

I used to be the guy who thought I didn't have the genetics for a great build.

Well, I'm that guy now. . .

And even better, I have a roadmap that anyone can follow to get similar results (faster than they ever thought possible).

That said, I learned the real fundamentals of muscle building, fat loss, strengthening, and maintaining health – the 20% that deliver 80% of the results – and used them to build the body I always wanted.

You can do the same and I can help you. That's why I share everything I know in my articles, podcasts, videos and books.

I am also happy to answer your questions about nutrition, training, nutritional supplements or other topics. Just comment below and you will hear from me.

Thank you for your visit and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Mike Matthews is a bestselling fitness author from Bigger Leaner Stronger, Thinner Leaner Stronger and The Shredded Chef, and the founder of Legion Athletics.

His simple, scientifically-based approach to building muscle, losing fat, and getting healthy has sold over a million books and helped thousands of people build their best bodies. His work has been featured in many popular stores, including Esquire, Men's Health, Elle, Women's Health, Muscle and Strength, and more, as well as FOX and ABC.

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