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If I Have been Jake Wooden What Modifications Would I Make to the Olympia?

by Matt Weik

First of all, I can't tell you how excited I was to hear that the Olympics were sold to Jake Wood by AMI and David Pecker. Not that I felt the show wasn't great, but I felt that there was still money on the table that could have been used to further improve the Olympics.


When AMI brought in Dan Solomon to orchestrate the Olympics and lead them into the future, I knew that something was moving well since Dan is one of the best in the business and absolutely bodybuilding, the competition and especially the Super Bowl loves from bodybuilding competitions – the Mr. Olympia competition.

It's hard to get excited about something you don't love

David Pecker is a rich man and has consolidated his place in print publications. However, I don't feel that he ever really loved fitness and bodybuilding. To me it just seemed to be one of those things that he knew he could make money with and therefore invested in the Olympics.

How can you wake up excited every morning to build the Olympics if your passion isn't there? Imagine that you work in a place where you don't like to work and which you think is boring. Yes, you can hire tons of great people like Pecker did with Dan Solomon to run the show, but in the end the passion has to start from top to bottom. David Pecker really had to believe in the concept and know where it was going, and in my opinion I didn't get that impression or feeling from him.

Jack Wood, on the other hand, is deep in the bodybuilding area and was the perfect candidate for the acquisition of Olympia, FLEX Magazine and Muscle & Fitness (which all magazines no longer exist from a print medium and will switch to a) digital-only format.

The sale of AMI to Jake Wood is said to be approximately $ 70 million. That's a lot of money to separate from if you are not enthusiastic about the Olympia brand and the future of sport and competition.

What would I change if I were Jake Wood?

Sure, I'm sitting here and speaking my quarterback Monday morning as I don't have the funds to raise around $ 70 million and do what I want with the Olympics. I would like to take over and expand the digital magazines I bought from Jake Wood (Jake, if you read this … HIT ME UP). But I want to have some fun here and throw my two cents out of things that I would have liked to have changed with the Olympics.


Everyone has to qualify

When you think of championship games in one sport, the two teams that compete against each other are the two teams that managed to earn the right to play the cup all year round and in the playoffs. The Olympia should adopt this model.

It is not helpful to allow people to sit outside and make improvements all year round, as no one can see many of the top five Olympic competitors during the year and those who need quality don't have that long. Season as the ones that automatically qualify from the previous year. As a result, they don't have that much time to improve their bodies – which makes it harder for them to get up in the rankings.

All athletes should qualify each year to secure their place on the Olympic stage. I don't think we should issue free tickets to competitors. If they enjoy competing, they need to prove this by going on stage to qualify for the right to take a Sandow home. I'd like to see Jake Wood make this change in 2021.

More events for the weekend

I love what the Arnold Classic does by bringing in a lot of events and making the weekend more inclusive for everyone. Athleticon also seems to be doing something similar. I absolutely love this idea and believe that the Olympics could generate a lot of revenue by allowing a more diverse group of people to travel to Vegas in September.

I think this would further increase ticket sales, improve visitor numbers at the show, and make the weekend a much bigger spectacle than it already is.

Give athletes more visibility

I don't feel that the athletes are getting the exposure they deserve. This can be said about all shows. But the fact that the Olympia is the largest and most coveted show should be the time when the media have the opportunity to get access to the athletes before and after the show to give them their soapbox and platform to use for to advertise yourself

Without the athletes, the show would be nothing and I would never have thought that AMI would do a good job of promoting the athletes and enabling them to speak to the media and publish good content. Jake Wood sees the value in the media, and I think if anyone could help the athletes connect with the media, it would be them.

In addition, there must be more media at this fair. With all of YouTube bodybuilding developers, this would be a great opportunity for them to get access to the competition and get great content.

stage lighting

The lighting on the stage does not seem to show the athlete's physique very well. Maybe it's the combination of lighting and background? I am not completely sure. But there are definitely inconsistencies with different areas of the stage, where bodies look good in some areas but bad in others.

This could also only be on the production side of the live stream, where viewers at home just may not have the best visual experience, but even when I was there and was in the front row of the event in the past, I didn't feel that the lighting really highlighted her body.

View scorecards throughout the show

When you go to a sporting event, you always know what the score is. Why can't the scorecards always be shown during the show? It would add an element of excitement when competitors shuffle in the rankings, while adding an element of transparency to how judges rate their body shapes.

I'm not saying the rating is fixed, but many have questioned this in the past. Jack Wood could fix this problem by displaying the scorecards.

New emcee

It's time for someone new. Plain and simple. I swear I say it every year when I watch the Olympics. In fact, I've turned off the sound in recent years and watched the night show in silence. From the press conference to the night show, it is frustrating to see and hear someone who is extremely cocky and arrogant. One athlete is always pinned against another from the press conference, and that's not what the press conference is for.

Everyone is there to have a good time, and unfortunately, with the current presenter, I feel like he has exceeded his welcome to stand there, hold the microphone, and be the voice of the show. I can imagine a handful of people that Jack Wood could bring in and that would do a much better job on the microphone. I know that some others think the same way I do.

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