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I See Proper By New Bodybuilding Federation!

by Christian Duque

Here's the deal, people, athletes who are serious about competing with the best compete against the NPC. The NPC is the only way to the IFBB Pro League and the IFBB Pro League is the only way to Mr. Olympia – the bodybuilding superbowl. There is only one pro card that means something, opens doors and opens financial possibilities.

The big companies that know what's going on, the people who want to hire the best personal trainers, do the same. Take your Hollywood celebrities, your Fortune 500 tycoons and those who want to change their lives, they have a lot of money to invest and not much time to dig. When it comes to hiring the best coach or finding a company that commits the best athlete, this is not witchcraft. If you can compete with the best and get the highest honors – or better still, WIN – you're the one everybody is looking for. Apart from that, associations are appearing everywhere. sometimes they are started by disgruntled, repressed officials, and sometimes they are started by utter outsiders. An association created by someone with an impressive resume will probably attract more competitors, perhaps tempt some companies into getting rid of money, and possibly even sell a few tickets. Someone without credentials is probably a joke. In both situations it is only a matter of time before fans, providers and athletes find out. Why are there so many new organizations, why is it a foregone conclusion that they will fail, and are there victims in this process?

The two most important reasons why so many new federations exist are money and power. The people who start these operations are not interested in the sport – let alone the competitors. They want to be the front runners, sell a lot of advertising and earn a lot of money for registration and registration fees. Sometimes these outfits do not make it long enough to even compete. Imagine! 100 people sign up to join an out-of-band association, 100 people sign up to enter a non-recurring contest, and a number of companies buy advertising for a platform that is located in Air has dissolved. Fine, what? Good about refunds? Does not happen.

Each time a new association is launched, it is the same process and easier than ever with the Internet. A new logo will emerge, social media will emerge and fast-paced people will go on air. They will complain about the status quo, they will frustrate people and trust the fact that those who concern them are not well read and probably not experienced. They like to tell stories of suffering, paint each as a victim and point out the many shortcomings of their perceived enemies. They will work hard to create the illusion of an alternative reality, and often it is so alternative that it contradicts any sense of reasonableness. Everything will be perfect there, everyone will be rich and nobody will have to work much. They will sell their new association as land of milk and honey and all it takes is a registration fee and a lot of trust. Trust should be earned, but they ask that you ask for a cup of water in a fast food restaurant. Only they will use the cup for this ice cold iced tea and help themselves to the fountain drinks. Many of these new federations are run by charlatans and merchants, not much more than ordinary thieves.

Besides, it is not right to say that these hustlers only chase after newcomers. A few years ago, a famous professional bodybuilder jumped ship. He was told that he did not have to compete (since he was pretty much retired). He was told that he would be a consultant and would have a salary of about $ 3-4,000 a week! He was told that things would be amazing. This bodybuilder, who by the way was not a spring chicken, believed in something absurd. Although his career may have come to an end and he called for work, he fell in love with a bustle he should have seen a mile away. Call it desperation or naivety, but whatever you call it, he never got a paycheck, let alone 52 of them. And that speaks directly for me. Promises among people of honor mean something; However, if you are dealing with people who are just looking for money and power, you really should not expect any kind of integrity.

And that's it. Who really suffers? The competitors. There are so many people who discover body-focused sports that may not know any better. There are competitors who may compete, but unfortunately they are easily misled because they are uninformed. Competitors want to compete with the best, but sometimes they are exploited. Sometimes people in their gyms, their coaches, sometimes even their sponsor give them bad advice. Sometimes these people may have a dog in the race, sometimes they have been deceived. The point is that no new federations are needed. What else do you need when you have the best?

Another very important point is the information. We live in a time when all we need to know is just a few keystrokes away. Google should be your friend (sorry, conspiracy artist, do not think too deeply about it). Inquiring is also a good thing. Please do not rely on a person's opinion.

My article is not about a specific organization, and frankly, I am sure that new organizations have appeared this year, and I am sure that many more will emerge in the future. The bottom line is that all these new outfits are pretty much the same. I look through her. I hope you too.

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