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Huge Ramy is Prepared!

by Christian Duque

Have you seen the photos? I have. I'm sorry to hold that over so many of your heads, but I've only seen the photos, I actually don't have them. The truth is that at Fort Knox, these images are better protected than all gold. Nobody shares this with any sales outlets because Ramy goes to Columbus with a Shock & Awe campaign.


He still brings the signature size that put him on the card a long time ago, but he comes in shredded. Let's concentrate here now. This part is very important. Are you ready?!?! The photos I saw showed Ramy with shredded ham and almost striped glutes two weeks away from the stage; If he comes in big and torn, no one will stop him, there is not even an article structure, it is so clear and to the point. This calms down many critics who frankly didn't think Ramy could be in top form while holding on to his stunning mass.

We still don't know who The Eyptian Phenom works with. We know that he worked with Dennis James. We know that he worked with Chris Aceto. We know that he has a good reputation with both The Menace and The Technician, and both of them are still writing glowing reviews about him. We know that he left The Camel Crew and we know that he worked with Neil Hill briefly, but nothing seems to have resulted from it.

A similar case can be cited for another customer of Hill and Ramy's main Columbus competition, William "The Conqueror" Bonac, since it is also unknown who is working with him. This also increases the possibility that both larger-than-life champions will actually prepare themselves. While this is a possibility, it is highly unlikely. Aside from the coaches, the bottom line is that Ramy has a very good chance of winning in Columbus if he can keep his condition, if he pretends to be the champion and if his mindset is where it needs to be.

Solid preparation is key. Regardless of the competition, if a participant has all meals, all supplements in order and the entire training in harmony, he is able to do his best. A guy like Ramy has everything he needs. For years he has been announced as the future Mr. Olympia. In 2017, the whole conversation came true when he took second place with Phil Heath. For many bodybuilding fans this year was proof that Ramy was more than hype, more than size. 2017 would have been the year to build from, but when 2018 turned out to be a failure, it threw a wrench into everything. If Ramy had been in top shape in 2019, how would he have done it? We'll never know because we didn't see him at the Arnold, Tampa Pro or Olympia, he was just a year away. I can't base his entire preparation on two photos, but the two photos I've seen are enough to indicate that he killed them !!

The most difficult hurdle for Ramy is his ham and glutes. So if he pinned her down after two weeks, you know he's ready. The big worry, at least for me, would be the last 48 now. In the 48 hours before the performance, we saw countless great bodies that got lost in the shuffle. A qualified preparation trainer is also required here. If there are problems holding water, not being completely torn apart, cramps or any number of situations, an experienced trainer may be the only person who can make sense out of madness. As mentioned earlier, we just don't know who Ramy works with, but I hope it's a good thing. By that I don't necessarily mean a big name, but someone who knows Ramy's body really well knows how to react to supps and how to get him on stage 100%. That's all that counts.

When Ramy takes the stage, he has to pretend to be the winner. He can't go up and have a good time. He also cannot pose for the audience or the cameras because they do not decide who wins the competition. The prejudice must be all business; The champion is selected here. Every pose has to be nailed correctly, the transitions have to be observed and he has to keep his belly section taut. There is also no (completely) relaxed pose; Ramy has to see 100% of the way through. I suspect he's compared to Bonac a few times, as well as other guys. The judges will want to ensure that they get the absolute best rating before judging the division. The night show will also be important when it comes to determining the champion. I have often believed that the champion must be the best at all times. If you only rely on the prejudices, this can leave the door open for a very close athlete in 2nd place who grabs the win. You are not the winner until you have been named the winner. Case closed.


I interviewed some of the best champions in our sport, guys who have traveled the world and received the highest honor on the world's biggest stages. What they always say is that the way of thinking plays a big role. The physique is key, as is posturing, but the mindset must be there. Ramy must have this setting for 2017. The 2020 Arnold must be the next step after this big year. He has to see himself as the best, he has to walk like the champion, pose like the champion, it has to be like a second nature. That may seem relatively easy, but Ramy is one of the most humble, down-to-earth types out there. So he really has to work on it and feel like the center of the universe. That may sound arrogant, but it's what you need to look and feel # 1.

Where will the Ramy have a place? Do you think he can go all the way?

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