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How Nation Music Star Tim McGraw Stays Match on Tour

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At the age of 52, Tim McGraw is a slim, mean country music machine, but if you turn the clock back a decade, the Grammy winner will tell you that he wasn't close to the fitness zeal he is today.

As McGraw explains in detail in his book "Grit & Grace", life on the street plus challenges with his record label, the death of his father (Major League Pitcher Tug McGraw) and a number of other problems had finally broken the musician and actor. His health was shattered due to the stress, resulting in poor diet choices that resulted in an additional 40 pounds on his 6-foot frame.


At his highest weight, about 210 pounds, McGraw's family intervened to put his life in order. First, his wife, compatriot Faith Hill, warned him to end his party. Then his eldest daughter, Gracie, gave a humorous and effective reality check when he appeared on a 100-foot movie screen during a movie trailer.

"My daughter said:" God, papa. You really have to do something, ”he says. "When your child says that, it sounds weird – and it was weird – but it triggered a thought process in my head that made me look to the future."

McGraw didn't want to miss seeing his children grow up and having their own families. He decided to make some changes in life. He stopped drinking, started eating healthy, and started exercising every day. Slowly but surely, he shed those extra pounds, and now, at the age of 52, he has a physique for which most men of half his age would kill.

"I wanted to be in control of my life," says McGraw. "What could I do? Well, I could control how I treated myself. "

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The goal is to get to a place where you can say without restriction that I accept where I am today. I will start from here. I can't believe looking back. I look forward to focusing on tomorrow. For me, forgiveness and letting go don't mean that you suddenly have to love each other. It is just about accepting that you are a product in progress and not a finished product. #GritandGrace

Posted by Tim McGraw (@thetimmcgraw) on November 4, 2019 at 12:53 p.m. PST

road Warriors

"Professional athletics is in my DNA," says the singer "Live Like You Were Dying", and this is now evident in his training schedule, especially when he's on tour. On a typical day, McGraw begins his morning with "a lot of stretching and some yoga, maybe a few bodyweight exercises," and a 30-minute treadmill power walk that gradually slopes. From there, McGraw – together with his band – will train in the concert hall this evening.

"We run the stadium stairs, the arena stairs or the grass on an amphitheater," says McGraw. "We'll crawl for about an hour and endure all kinds of things."

As if an exciting pre-concert workout wasn't enough, McGraw and his crew will add an afternoon program with battle ropes, sledgehammers, tractor tires and kettlebells stowed in the sports trailer that goes on tour with them. "We train for two hours," says McGraw.

It's showtime

Although some people think he's crazy about training so much before doing a two-hour, full-throttle, open-body show, McGraw believes this new routine has helped support some of his best performances lately.

"On the days when we don't have these opportunities, our shows are not so good," he admits. But when he finds that stream, "Boy, these are special nights," he says.

To prepare for a concert, it takes some loneliness and meditation behind the scenes to prepare to put on a show for the sold-out audience, says McGraw. "If you have this type of night," he says, "you will continue to do so."

* / Tim McGraw Workout on Tour – Repetitions Plank Walkout for Pushup 5 Loaded Split Squat 5 Feet-Elevated Pushup 15 Double Under 40 Instructions: See how many laps you can finish in 15 minutes. in this training with four moves no

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