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How Efficiency Impressed Helped This Police Officer Remodel His Physique

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Mike Weleski's body couldn't keep up with his busy life when he decided to make some big changes in 2019. With his career as a city police officer, his family and an up-and-coming woodworking company, his stress level was high at an absolute level – and so was his weight. In the past, he tried crash diets and exercise, losing 20 or 30 pounds at a time, but he knew he needed to develop a serious scheme to really change his lifestyle.

Eventually Weleski evaluated his habits and made a plan. Despite his size and weight, he was always strong and athletic, but it was his approach to the diet that held him back for so long. Like many who go on a diet to reach a target weight, when he did, he typically celebrated by overeating and taking breaks in the gym. But in early 2019, he set a high goal: to lose 70 pounds by August. It was not a New Year's resolution, but a decision he made regarding his long-term health.


Weleski crushed his goals and a few more. He lost 75 pounds in less than six months. In addition, he lost a total of £ 100 by mid-December 2019. The remarkable change he made has attributed him to constancy and a changed view of nutrition.

"From the start, I knew I had to change my attitude about food fundamentally," wrote Weleski in a letter to Performance Inspired Nutrition, the supplement company he relied on throughout his trip. "I had to eat to live, not to eat. I decided to stay away from what I saw as diets and overly restrictive methods that required certain groups of food to be excluded." Instead, he focused on having a constant calorie deficit.

Another important change that Weleski helped with was tracking his diet, which led to a better understanding of the macronutrients.

"I encourage anyone who wants to change their fitness to put a calorie tracker in their phone and honestly evaluate what you eat," he wrote. "It has definitely changed how I look at food. I don't consider food good or bad anymore, but I find that some foods are less nutritious than others."

After the first few months, it became a habit for Weleski to go to the gym before work. He admits that going to the gym before each shift was a challenge at first, but he was determined to do it. And it didn't hurt that his department also participated in Performance Inspired's Police FIT program, which included voluntary proficiency tests for civil servants. Positive test results encouraged Weleski to stay on course.

"I was blessed that my police department had partnered with Performance Inspired when they launched our voluntary Police FIT program a few years ago," wrote Weleski. "So from the start I used top quality PI products to support my fitness goals." From pre-workouts to protein shakes and creatine to vitamins, he relied on the natural nutritional supplement brand to drive his busy everyday life.


Now, in a new phase of his journey, Weleski sees his progress in changing gears and not crossing the finish line. This mentality keeps him on the ground and prevents him from resuming the old habit of spraying once his goals are achieved. He calls hard work, determination, a solid addition and durability in the gym and in the kitchen as the key to his success.

From the beginning of his last transformation, Weleski documented his progress on Instagram (@bulldog_defined). Regularly updating the account and posting progress photos has motivated him in the course of his own transformation, and now he hopes that this will inspire others.

"I can not only look back where I come from, but also connect with others," he wrote. "Above all, I hope to reach, encourage and inspire people, to get up, to exercise and to get fit."


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