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How Christopher Evangelou Bought Match for His Position in ‘The Gents’

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In his biggest film role since becoming an actor, Christopher Evangelou's name could easily have gotten lost in a who's who cast of A-listeners in The Gentlemen. Director Guy Ritchie's all-star ensemble with Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant could have made most movie clubs a little nervous, but after Ritchie, a BJJ black belt, recognized the former British welterweight champion, this made it Film experience on the big screen much smoother.

"(Ritchie) came to me and we talked about fighting," Evangelou says. "He knew who I was, so there were never any uncomfortable moments." The gentlemen are about a British drug lord trying to sell his empire to an Oklahoma billionaire dynasty. In the film, Evangelou plays "Primetime", a battered gangster type. "He's a gypsy street fighter," he says. "He has a sort of Tyson-Fury dialect."


Evangelou may be new to the big screen, but he's not a newcomer to the world of combat. He holds a 13-3 pro record and led a fight card at London's Wembley in 2013, a year before winning the British welterweight title. While champion Evangelou, who also starred in the short film Shadow Boxer (written by Evangelou, co-producer David Hepburn, director Ross McGowan, screenplay Craig McDonald-Kelly), received a surprising call from the legend's handlers, Floyd Mayweather, who wanted to that he flew to Las Vegas to help sparring – and possibly end his boxing career.

"It would have been huge," says Evangelou. However, he trained with a broken hand that was severely damaged during the sparring session. As a result, he was forced to withdraw. Then he shifted his focus to acting.

"In the end it worked out well," he says. While Evangelou is still working as a boxing instructor in London, his training now focuses more on bodybuilding. He proudly says his leg presses more than 1,000 pounds. "I make sure that I have a day off before the leg," he says. "It is brutal."

Evangelou, who weighs 176 pounds, says his leg pressures push more than 1,000 pounds thanks to this leg workout.

Evangelous leg training program

DIRECTIONS: Evangelou says to keep repetitions and sets, but to increase weight with each set.

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