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Health Mannequin Deniz Saypinar Banned from American Airways Flight

by Matt Weik

There are things that you can only shake your head about these days. If you pay attention to what is going on in the world, you know that problems with airlines have grown steadily. It seems like something happens on a plane or airport every week, regarding people being kicked off planes, people and kids being yelled at for masks / no masks, and this latest just goes on to show those who are An incredible physique are being taken under attack by those who are overweight and obese with what happened to Deniz Saypinar.


For those of you who may not recognize the name, Deniz Saypinar is a 26-year-old Turkish IFBB Pro Bikini competitor and fitness model who lives here in the United States. To say it is easy on the eyes is an understatement. But then again, her physique fits the shape of most bikini competitors and fitness models – which American Airlines apparently isn’t used to?

There’s nothing American about American Airlines

Deniz Saypinar tried to fly American Airlines from Texas (Dallas / Fort Worth) to Miami when she was not allowed to board the plane because of her clothing. She wore a brown tank top that exposed her defined abs and short denim shorts. A long sleeved white shirt was tied around her waist and covered her bum. As a bikini competitor, it’s safe to say that she has a body that would turn heads – great legs, great glutes, etched abs, and a toned upper body. Men, women, hell, even kids would probably turn to look at her when she passed by. But that’s nothing out of the ordinary (or is it because of our obesity epidemic and acceptance?).

As Deniz Saypinar was getting ready to board her flight, American Airlines staff stopped her and told her that her denim shorts were “too short” and that it would “bother” families on the plane. They stated that she was “almost naked”.

Well, I’m not sure whose lap she would be sitting on, that would make her offended by the view, but from my understanding you are sitting on a plane with people on all sides of you, and you are sitting on a seat that has it Don’t allow anyone to see your butt. I’m right?

So if this were such a disturbance, walking around would be a bigger distraction than sitting in a seat with a row of seats in front of her and a row of seats against which her back is. There are maybe a handful of people on the plane who could actually see their shorts due to the limited visibility. This story is absurd.

Here is my take on what happened. You have a wife who takes care of your body (Deniz Saypinar). You then have American Airlines employees (older women or embittered men) who don’t look like you and are jealous. They’re probably a bunch of snowflakes across the country like they are today, and because they’re too sensitive and unable to handle someone showing off their hard work in the gym (which they’ve probably never seen from the inside), they banned her from flying.


The fact that American Airlines disapproves of their clothing shows everything that is wrong in this country today. Why is everyone so easily offended by the things that people wear, don’t wear, how much they weigh or don’t weigh? She’s one darned athlete who looks phenomenal, and you tell her to get dressed if she’s wearing the same (if not more) that a lot of people three times her weight on American Airlines flights.

If this overweight person had been told to wear more clothes, a discrimination lawsuit would be filed because the person alleged they had been approached and asked to add clothes because of their weight. And you know that I’m right So how is that no discrimination just with one shoe on the other foot?

Deniz Saypinar went to her Instagram to tell her a million followers in a story what happened. As you can imagine, American Airlines probably has a million people who will think twice about flying with them.

If you look at the American Airlines rule, it says, “Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing are not allowed. ”So she wasn’t barefoot, and there was nothing offensive about her clothes. It’s not like she has “GO F * CK YOURSELF” on the chest of her tank top or something that people might find “offensive”.

Look, I’ve been on a lot of flights in my career. During this time I saw some horrific images before my eyes that I find appalling. Did i say something? No Did my damn business bother me? Yup.

How often have you seen women in yoga pants or elastane at the airport? MANY TIMES. I mean, there isn’t much that is left to the imagination with this type of clothing if you know what I’m saying. But passengers wearing them walk directly on the plane without incident. So why suddenly, when someone like Deniz Saypinar steps into jean shorts, does it become a problem and a “distraction”?

American Airlines owes Deniz Saypinar an apology

Out of all the stories I’ve seen about it, no person has said that American Airlines owes Deniz Saypinar an apology. Well let me be the first to have it back!

American Airlines, you owe 100% an apology to Deniz Saypinar for overreacting on your clothes. Denim shorts and a tank top are a problem? Do you see some of the people step on your planes who look and smell like they haven’t bathed in months? THESE people annoy everyone around them by making the plane smell like a garbage dump throughout the flight. But you will never tell them anything because you are hit with a lawsuit. So why now open your mouth to a woman who doesn’t bother anyone? Bring your shit together. It’s 2021.

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