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Have You Hit a Plateau You Can’t Break? Attempt a New Gymnasium

by Matt Weik

A fairly common question I hear is when people are on a plateau and can't get past it and can still see the results they previously achieved. Many change their calorie intake or macros, some spend more time doing cardio, others go to the gym an extra day a week to do an extra workout – but none of them have thought about the tactics I've found to help many people to help, and it's something you've probably never thought of. If you reach a plateau and can't break it, go to a new gym. Say what? It is true and here is why.


How joining a new gym can help when you hit a plateau

While you can easily try out the above things, of course sometimes things happen when you experience a scene change. I mean, you could be in a crisis in the gym where you go through the movements, but think you are training with intensity. You get into a routine and it's the same thing every week. They use the same weights, the same exercises, the same equipment and exercise at the same time, surrounded by the same people. Doesn't that sound boring if you just read it? Unfortunately for many people this is the reality.

Change it. Well, I'm not saying that you should switch from a $ 10 Planet Fitness membership to an $ 300 Equinox membership a month and feel broke. I'm just saying that you can find another comparable gym near you, cancel your membership in the location you are in, and start a new membership elsewhere.

The key is to make sure that everything you need is in the new gym you want to attend. The last thing you want to do is switch from a gym with a wide range and equipment to a basement gym with bare bones equipment where half of the equipment is broken and unusable .

When you hit a plateau, joining a new gym will be revitalizing. You are surrounded by new people. New motivation. New equipment. The great thing about new devices is that not all devices are the same. Even if the name is the same (e.g. breast press), any machine from different manufacturers can hit the muscle from different angles, which could be enough to free yourself when you reach a plateau.

Far too many people give in and give up when they reach a plateau. They think, "Well, it's just my body telling me that this is as far as I can go." And they give up. You cannot give up. Your body just needs something else – a different stimulus to hit a plateau head-on and force your body to make changes.

For some, you may be able to afford to have multiple gym memberships. Membership costs continue to decrease thanks to fierce competition, and while you can still find many gyms in the $ 30 to $ 40 range, you can now also find many gyms in the $ 10 to $ 20 per month range. If you can visit two gyms for $ 10 a piece, you have an amazing range of equipment that you can change in a jiffy for just $ 20 a month – which is incredible.


So if you feel like you have reached a plateau and have tried everything to get through it and have failed, try a new gym. Finding different places will take a little effort, but in the end it will be refreshing and motivating to surround yourself in a new environment that can increase your motivation and challenge your muscles to achieve your goals.

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