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Get the March 2020 Challenge of ‘Muscle & Health’

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The March 2020 issue of Muscle & Fitness offers all the workout and nutrition tips you need to lose all the winter fat.

Most men think of retirement at around 50, but 48-year-old Mark Wahlberg is not an average man – he's busier than ever. The Bostonian spoke to us about how F45 training changed his body and why he decided to invest in the business, his upcoming Netflix film Spenser Confidential, and more.


In addition, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya talks to us about combat and anime, "Strongest Gays in the World" Rob Kearney about some pressing issues, and C.T. Fletcher has another mother animal in it.

In our train section we discuss which train is best for your next pull day, show you how to imitate a Viking press in your gym, and one of our editors explains why he was called "the deadlift type" ,

Since the abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen, you will find many recipes in our "Food" section with which you can recharge your batteries and prepare for the summer. We'll also find out whether you should choose Guinness or Jameson on St. Patrick's Day and break down the ingredients in Beyond Burger.

Kolohe Primeau breaks off his training in the golden ratio. We'll show you how to put your practice balls on the wall for maximum profit. and flow expert Eric Leija shows you five workouts for more muscles, stability and mobility.

And since Muscle & Fitness also includes FLEX, you also get the latest bodybuilding news as well as advanced training and nutrition tips. Roelly Winklaar breaks off his spectacular training; Starch icon Stan Efferding describes his vertical diet; and we're asking IFBB Pro League athletes what's on their workout playlist.

Get the March issue for all of this and more! Whatever your fitness goals, we have all the tips you need here at Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.



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