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George Brown Is Prepared for the 2020 Arnold Traditional!

by Christian Duque

Talking is cheap, but when it comes to easy money, King George doesn't waste time. Every time the experienced champion of Men’s Physique takes part in a competition, the competition changes gear. He is a tough batsman and everyone knows it. Yes, he talks and yes, he believes in himself, but that's an athlete who can support that. Since he won his IFBB Pro card at the 2013 NPC North American Championships, things have been going uphill! His rankings speak for themselves, with victories and top honors in some of the most prestigious competitions in the IFBB Pro League.


Perhaps the best known and arguably most controversial of his competitions was the Arnold Classic 2016, where he finished second after Brandon Hendrickson. Many people, including media experts, handicappers and fans, believed that Brown should have won. To date, it remains one of the toughest battles in the division. With that said, George doesn't live in the past. To date, he has participated in countless competitions over the years, but as he prepares for the Arnold Classic 2020, with coach Mandus Buckle in his corner, people can't help but notice how accurate his preparation is. For many, the Arnold Classic is a two-man show between favorites Andre Ferguson and Brandon Henrickson, but King George wants to annoy the apple cart. If someone can, he is, and it would be a great win for a variety of reasons!

George is a true ambassador for sport. He works on the media side through his work with Maximum Muscle Report and conducts interviews across the country. Wherever he goes, he is recognized by competitors and fans alike and he always takes the time to speak to them. Competitors love to pluck his brain, many will pose for him and hope to get feedback from one of the hardest working guys in the sport. Nobody trains George – he pushes every training to its limits. He trains hard, he trains wisely and he constantly raises the bar. That's how champions do it. Fans tend to bully him; They love to interact with him and often ask him for photos, autographs and / or to talk about the sport. While some celebrities wave the fans away and / or pay little attention to them, George ensures that his fans and friends get his undivided attention. He is down to earth and treats everyone with respect. He is exactly the kind of pro who promotes the sport and who would be a fantastic Arnold Classic champion.

George is not only very popular with competitors and fans, but is also in great demand with the largest and most respected companies in the fitness industry. His work ethic is unprecedented and he will only work with people who offer products and services that he believes in. While top athletes are lucky enough to get a deal, few will renew these contracts. The reason for this is that most athletes like to set big goals but rarely keep their promises. George is an old school when it comes to doing business. If he believes in your company and you sign it, he gives 110% of the total contract. It is this attitude and commitment that make him desirable. The fact that he delivers on stage and never got off badly is no coincidence. If you compete with the best and consistently do as well as George, it is because he gives everything – every time!

George has created a look that shows respect from his characteristic poses to his stage presence. In addition to everything that has been said, Columbus is at home – this is Georges City !! It is time for a champion from his hometown to win the title and keep it local. If anyone can accomplish this milestone, it's King George Brown!

When we get closer to the competition, be sure to make your travel arrangements and don't dare to miss the Arnold Classic 2020! Arnold, along with Jim & Bob Lorimer, Mike Davies, Matt Lorz and the entire Lorz family, will host a competition and exhibition that is second to none. I hope to see you all there !! I also hope that my good friend KING GEORGE BROWN wins everything!


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