Extra Than a Exercise: Studying Curves and Having Excessive Requirements

We have high standards at Gym Jones. I'm not just talking about the strength and fitness standards that so many people associate with us. I mean it more generally. Of course, when we train someone here, we expect effort and intensity, but we also expect him to meet us halfway. We give you our time, energy and all the training knowledge we have gained over the years. But what the trainee brings to education is in many ways the much more important contribution,

The how and not the what makes the training ultimately effective. I have often argued that it is the intention with which you train and not the perfection of the program that makes the difference. What happens when intelligent programming meets the right intent? Transformation.


It's more than just a workout

When I'm training someone here, I'm not just training him. I do not count their repetitions. I explain the why and the how behind the training. I explain why this percentage and not some other percentage. I explain the physiological reasons for an interval of 2:00 with a 60 second break.

This kind of mutual involvement in training, how and why is a powerful transformative tool. Building a true relationship between coaches and trainees, we lay the groundwork for our cooperation and require more from you as a trainee than you might have believed.


There is an expectation that something is required of you other than just the appearance. You have to write everything we do here in a training diary. Every representative. Every sentence. How detailed should this training diary be?

The more specific and detailed you can be (how you slept that night, how your digestion was, how the training felt, etc.), the better your training results will be, I am not your representative here. I am not your babysitter. I'm your trainer and you owe me your share of your own athletic development.

It's really fascinating to see what happens after 6 months or one year in the gym with this effort and mutual understanding between coaches and trainees. I often go around the gym wondering what's going on around me.

Instead of a trainer and 12 or 15 athletes going through a workout, I have 6 or 8 or 10 other pairs of eyes that I can trust and count on to keep those who are new here up to date Make sure they are approaching the training or session with the right intention and technique.

For me as a coach, the goal is not to have less work or less influence on the individual. The goal is to create a culture of mutual high expectations, Nobody here leaves someone behind the hook or from work. We all turn our backs on each other, we encourage each other, we welcome each other's achievements, and we are not afraid to point out and understand the why behind our mistakes.

I do not want a leader here. I want a room full of executives. I want it to come from everyone, and to achieve that, I need to empower people as a coach. I have to give them responsibility, I have to share my knowledge and experience, and I have to encourage them to pass it on to new apprentices.

The learning curve

In my opinion, you have really learned something only when you can explain it to someone else appropriately. It's not enough just to be a good athlete at Gym Jones, Reasonable performance is not everything we aspire to. You have to add something to our environment.

We are teachers and we want students here. Passivity is not practiced or promoted here. Building a culture requires energy and commitment. The same things are needed to build something valuable, including fitness.

If you really want something important for your own training, you need to invest time and effort to understand the mechanisms behind what you want to achieve. I would like to encourage all of you to do more than just pick a program and work. Read articles, ask questions, work out, experiment and find out what works best for you.

To make the most of this experience, you need to be an active participant in your own transformation, If you do not write anything down, if you do not ask questions, if you are not interested in why and how a program works for you and your goals, it does not happen. Be ready to give everything.

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