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Epi Small Earthquake or Epic Pure Physique Builder

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Given the growing demand for herbal options for menus, it was only a matter of time before the trend spread to other aspects of the fitness arena. While dietary supplements derived from plants are hardly new (more on this in our top 10 natural anabolic steroids), there are some that put innovation at the forefront and find ways to improve their ingredients over others.

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Vital Alchemy's favorite Epi 2.0 suggests just that – a herbal muscle manufacturer that helps reduce the body's natural growth restrictions. The main players in Epi 2.0 are epicatechin and quercetin, cocoa and tea flavonoids, which offer exciting potential for those who feel stuck on their way to building muscle.

Epicatechin, a compound known in the growth industry, has long played a minor role in relation to other ingredients because the body cannot fully absorb and use them. Quercetin intervenes by helping to inhibit the signaling pathways that block the action of epicatechin while working synergistically with epicatechin to help reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular health 3.

As soon as the epicatechin is able to develop its full potential, it helps to increase the follistatin level, which in turn lowers the myostatin level. This is the biggest factor that blocks your body's muscle building. Myostatin essentially determines the genetic limit at which your body stops the additional growth of muscle fibers 5, and in one study, epicatechin supplementation increased not only follistatin and follistatin / myostatin ratio, but also muscle mass in combination with strength training 2 significantly.

In fact, epicatechin has also gained traction in women to reverse the aging process while contributing to more strength and muscle tone 1. And Epi 2.0 increases the ante again by containing sodium caprate, a compound that has been shown to increase the permeability of larger molecules through the intestinal walls 4. Basically, sodium caprate helps the body continue to take up both epicatechin and quercetin for maximum availability.

will Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy Do you help regain your body's natural muscle production and help you reaffirm your genetic limitations? Get yours now at Strong Supplement Shop to find out.



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