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Dunkin’ and Snoop Dogg Push Estrogen Sandwich on Slices of Diabetes

by Matt Weik

Dunkin ’Dunkin’ Dunkin ’… what do we do with you? All the time I thought we had a great relationship, but now we have to split up. Ok, joke aside, I love drinking Dunkin coffee in the morning. They're much faster than Starbucks and taste millions of times better than any overpriced Starbucks drink. But honestly, WTF, are you thinking about your latest sandwich?


What for what?

If you haven't heard anything yet, Dunkin (Dunkin Donuts) has teamed up with old school rapper Snoop Dogg to slide a (somehow) plant-based breakfast sandwich between a glazed donut. Correct me now if I'm wrong, but most herbal consumers are herbal for health reasons (along with the whole cruelty to animal aspect, etc.).

The sandwich is called Dunkin & # 39; Beyond Sausage Sandwich and consists of a vegetable-based sausage, an egg, cheese and a glazed donut. In other words, you are eating an estrogen patty between two slices of diabetes. It makes no sense at all. It has been said that these meatless alternatives are not exactly the best meat alternative for you. But then throwing the whole sandwich on a glazed donut is the icing on the cake (or donut in this case).

Apparently this is partly Snoop Dogg's idea and has given its new name "Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich". D-O-Double G = DOGG (as with Snoop DOGG). If you have never heard his music and lyrics, it may still not make sense to you.

Personally, I call it "Beyond DUMB Sandwich". I honestly cannot understand why this is considered a good idea. Now Dunkin has mentioned that the sandwich is only for a limited time, which I hope they mean for 24 hours.

Now you may be asking yourself: "Why this combination?" Snoop Dogg apparently has a weakness for glazed donuts (add a comment on Schlagkopf Munchie here) and includes vegetable protein in his diet.

A vegan sandwich Not for vegans

Here is something else that makes my head scratch. If you want to make a Dunkin plant-based sausage breakfast sandwich, then why should you include the egg and cheese that are unsuitable for a vegan diet? You literally make a sandwich that markets this segment and then give them the middle finger by throwing egg and cheese that they don't eat. Not to mention that the glazed donuts are not healthy either.


It's like making a vegetable protein powder, but making it a mixture that also contains whey protein. That does not make sense. It's like speaking from both sides of the mouth. When I saw that, I honestly thought it was a joke. But it's not a joke, this dunkin sandwich is real (at least for a limited time).

Eliminated or GTFO?

But wait! There is more! This collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Dunkin is now even stranger. They also offer exclusive clothing to advance this collaboration. What can you expect to see? Well, Dunkin said they'll sell a green track suit labeled "Glazzed for Days" on the back of the jacket. I equate this to VPX, which brings bang garments to the market that only wear their paid influencers. Who would wear that with a clear mind?

You can also expect to see joggers for sale saying "Glazzzy" runs the side of the leg. You know, to upgrade things a little bit. Oh wait, it gets better. Who wouldn't want to be a walking billboard for Beyond Meat too? The Beyond logo will be on the dress. Shirts, sweatshirts and a bomber jacket are also released. If you have no hair and need to keep your head warm, you can grab a hat.

Why would Dunkin do that?

This is clearly a marketing trick for Dunkin and the fact that they've partnered with Snoop Dogg is just another level of how they can get the brand known to a celebrity. Is it the best choice for a celebrity? I can imagine many others who would have been a better choice, but Snoop Dogg definitely has an audience and a following.

I also posted on social media and the mood was very one-sided that this whole sandwich is a terrible idea. Regardless of our considerations, there is sure to be a small percentage of the population that would be interested in this sandwich. The bottom line is they don't source new ingredients ONLY to make this Dunkin 'Breakfast Sandwich – they already have everything that makes the sandwich so it's nothing new or something they would lose money on if it went down completely (what it will be).

This is a piece to showcase the brand. As you know, Dunkin has changed the new name so that when they use the Dunkin Donuts logo they are not just meant to be a place for donuts. Obviously this is a smart game as they sell a lot more than just donuts and in fact their drinks make up a good part of their sales. The sandwiches also sell pretty well.

Personally, I'm more annoyed at the fact that they're wasting a perfectly glazed donut on the atrocities of this Dunkin breakfast. We should all start a new movement with the hashtag #savethedonut.

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