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Dorian Yates Places Trade on Blast, Did You Truly Pay attention?

by Matt Weik

Dorian Yates appeared on my favorite YouTube channel Valuetainment, where he was asked some interesting questions about bodybuilding and the state of the industry. The bodybuilding community was suddenly in turmoil, asking how Dorian Yates, a legendary bodybuilder, could see current bodybuilders so critical of other sensitive issues.

In this article I want to summarize everything and express my own opinion. Also, my first question to all is, "Did you actually see the whole interview or did you get sucked into some of the clips that were pulled from it?"

Did Dorian Yates call the bodybuilding industry?

Patrick Bet-David, one of my favorite YouTube viewers, sat down with Dorian and questioned him question after question for over two hours, pinpointing the raw and unedited answers to the film. In it, he appeared on his YouTube channel, which focuses more on business and entrepreneurship.

Now I want to anticipate that and say that this is not the first bodybuilder he had in his show. In fact, Patrick had none other than Phil Heath on the show. If you've missed this episode, I strongly suggest you take a look.

But did Dorian really call the bodybuilding industry? Were there shots as he sat back and fired his answers to the questions asked? In my opinion no. Dorian did not say anything that I think others are not already interested in.

When asked if Dorian thought Brandon should have won the Olympics, he voiced his opinion. Brandon won because of the people who were on stage, but he believes that none of the competitors really got into shape. Was he wrong? I do not think so. Many of the guys on this stage did not look (in my opinion) as if they wanted to win the Sandow. They were soft, watery and far less conditioned than in previous years. However, we can say that about the last Olympics games. This year, Brandon needed only to beat who was on the stage, not what his competitors looked like a year ago or even 20 years ago.

Dorian was also asked about drug use among today's competitors and he reiterated his feelings that they consume far more than they did then. Was he wrong? I do not think so.

There are even some who are angry that Dorian shadowed Wheeler and said that if he worked as hard as he did he would have been unbeatable. As you continue to listen, he praises Wheeler for his physique and his statement was just his opinion. And who knows, if Flex trained like Dorian, things might have been different – but we'll never know. This is the same kind of comment that Dorian made about Levrone, who took months off and then tried to get ready to jump onto the stage instead of getting fully involved all year round. These are all unknowns that can not be answered, only speculated and discussed.

Personally, I do not see where everyone is, as if Dorian would call someone out or cast a shadow. He answered the questions honestly. I respect his answers more than the song and the dance we get when Kai tries to answer direct questions. I mean, 99% of the time, I do not even know what he's talking about. I'd rather be a straight shooter and give specific answers to questions.

Why is everyone so crazy?

If you had seen the entire interview (yes, I know it was long), you would have seen the depth of Dorian's answers. I did not perceive anything he said as negative. For one thing, some things were his opinion – and we all have the right to our own opinion. And second, he looks through the same competitive lens he had at the competition. Can we blame him for what he sees? Last time I checked, none of us has even a Sandow on the coat.

I agree with almost every comment he made during the interview. I see a drastic difference in the conditioning of bodybuilders these days. Apart from that, I also understand that this is a new era of bodybuilding and that changes have been made and the sport evolves. We do not see people on stage who look like Yates, Levrone, Ray and Wheeler. On the other hand, we do not see people like Ronnie or Jay on stage. But do you know who we see? Heath, Rhoden, Ramy, Dexter, Curry, Bonac, Cedric and all the other current bodybuilders are on stage today.

Because there is a difference that does not mean one is better than the other. That said, football in the 90s was better than the teams and players we see on the pitch today. It's just different. Love it or hate it, times have changed and sport has evolved.

What do we do now?

I think everyone might need a breather. Let's all sit down, hold hands and sing a little song. No seriously, the whole thing was disproportionate. Again, I encourage everyone to watch the entire interview. It's filled with great insights, memories, thoughts, opinions and stories from earlier times.

Dorian talks about people he got along with, who he did not understand, and how he tried to get into a fight with Lee Haney – which is funny. The entire interview is extremely entertaining and I think that if you had a "problem" with what you "heard" your perception may change after watching the entire interview.

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