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Dolph Lundgren Says a Plant-Primarily based Eating regimen Has Improved His Intercourse Life

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The documentary by Game Changers has convinced another muscular star to become vegan – this time it's the Rocky IV actor Dolph Lundgren. The Swedish superstar told Piers Morgan that he has been on a vegetable diet for about a month.

He said he made the change after seeing the documentary on Netflix produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I tried it and then found out I would try it," Lundgren Morgan reported.


Apparently, the biggest benefit of not using animal products was an improved sex life, Lundgren said. "It was pretty good, but it went up by about 50%," he said.

In Game Changers, Schwarzenegger and other athletes discuss how a plant-based diet can improve performance, recovery, and more. In fact, one of the aspects addressed by the scientists in the film is sex – an informal experiment claiming that a vegan diet could give men harder and longer-lasting erections.

Lundgren is not the only one who has made the switch since the film reached the streaming service. Kai Greene quickly jumped on the train and even produced an e-book on the subject. Even Hafthor "The Mountain" Björnsson said that he was ready to taste plant food, but had not done so yet.

But as with anything on the internet, many people hate the documentary's claims. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a former guest at the Muscle & Fitness Podcast representatives, said in a long Instagram post, "There's so much wrong with the film," I can not say anything about it. "

"The integrity of the material you're told is not," she writes in the post. "What's true are the emotional tactics."

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Game Changers, it is undeniable that this has a significant impact on the sports and bodybuilding community. It is only a matter of time before someone else makes the change.



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