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Does Blessing Awodibu Have a Prayer at Profitable Arnold Australia?

by Matt Weik

If you've never heard of Blessing Awodibu, where have you been? This man could undoubtedly be the funniest guy in bodybuilding. His antics, social media skits, and posts should make you laugh so much that your pages hurt. They call him "The Boogieman" and although his appearance could be intimidating, there is no bad bone in this man's body.


Blessing Awodibu turned professional in 2017 and we've been waiting for him to cause a sensation at IFBB for years. Well, the wait may have come to an end and we will see Blessing Awodibu's long-awaited appearance on this year's Arnold Classic Australia stage and I personally cannot wait.

The Boogieman, Blessing Awodibu comes out of the shadows

Many bodybuilders seem to be afraid of the camera these days and don't want to share their true personality through social media. Blessing Awodibu is not one of them. Social media is of great importance for both companies and private brands. Blessing understood social media and made a name for himself without ever winning a big IFBB show. That doesn't mean that he doesn't have a winning physique, it's just that he hasn't played in one of these shows yet.

Outside of bodybuilding competitions, Blessing has made a name for itself. In fact, he was able to make a living himself with his personality and marketability. His acting skills are great and almost natural. I can absolutely see him getting into film and television and making a fantastic living from it.

Speaking of movies, all of the Boogieman's stories have this person of a monster lurking in the dark, scaring hell out of those he comes into contact with. However, this boogieman comes out of the shadows to cause serious damage in 2020 on an IFBB stage. And the participants should be scared.

The Arnold Classic Australia 2020 will really be the first show that gives us a good look at what Blessing Awodibu did in the gym – aside from its craziness on social media. What to do if you don't follow him on Instagram. But with the news that Blessing Awodibu has put his name on the list of competitors to Australia, what are the chances of him winning the show?

BIG lineup for Arnold Classic Australia

Blessing Awodibu recently posted some updated pictures on his Instagram account, where he sits about eight weeks before the show, and I'm impressed. Blessing is a big guy, but with all big bodybuilders, you wonder what he will look like when he goes on a diet for a competition. When I look at his photos, I have the feeling that he could be a competitor in Australia and shock many people who may not know him.


The blessing brings a crazy size to the stage, but what will it look like alongside people like Big Ramy, Steve Kuclo and Josh Lenartowicz? He also has to fight his way through Dexter and Victor Martinez, who have years of experience in the industry and always bring this classic look to the stage. The conditioning we see at the eight-week mark is pretty impressive, and it looks like Blessing's mid-section and tiny waist next to someone like Ramy could give it a more appealing look.

If you're looking for Blessing's body, you can't choose anything, but his build is pretty solid. Is it better than saying Ramy or Dexter? It's hard to say if we've never seen them side by side. You can do any photo analysis you want, but it's a completely different ball game if you line them all up. However, I say that … Dexter always has the stamina and no matter what show he is on, it is always a threat to win. Period. Then you have Ramy, who has placed several times better than Dexter, but with Ramy you never know which version he will incorporate into a show. Will he miss his target? Will it come too big and without conditioning? It is a toss.

Do I think Blessing Awodibu can enter the Arnold Classic Australia stage 2020 and be among the top five? I don't think it's out of the question – and that says something because the lineup is stacked.

The size only takes you so far, but it is the conditioning that worries me about the blessing. At only 28 years old, Blessing Awodibu has a crazy thickness. His legs are solid, his torso is thick, but can he get that grainy expression to separate him from the pack?

If he looks at the previous pictures, Blessing can achieve a great separation in his quads. His middle part looks good, just like his arms. And Blessing has definitely made some improvements over the past few years.

A realistic placement

A personality will only get you that far, and in bodybuilding, while you can show your personality through posturing and routine, your body has to do all the talking. I expect a great routine from Blessing Awodibu along with a bit of humor during the group's posedown.

But if you want my early prediction to look at the current list of competitors, I can see Blessing Awodibu (at best) in fifth place. If I know how many of the competitors in the lineup are taking part in shows, I can see that Ramy, Dexter, Kuclo and Lenartowicz all do better than Blessing. This is not to say that some of them may "come out" or that Blessing is nailing it, but that's how I see things at the moment.

What do you think about Blessing Awodibu as a bodybuilder? Take his humor out of the equation. Put him on stage and how is he doing? Let us know in the comments.

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