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Do You Belief Health Influencers? I Don’t – Right here’s Why

by Matt Weik

I pondered for a few days whether or not to write this article, but decided that it had to be done. There are far too many people out there who follow fitness influencers and “experts” and not only get bad advice, but the information they take away from these fitness influencers can hurt them or make them fail and frustrate. They will ask, “What’s the matter with me?” in reality, it’s the fitness influencers.


The fact is, social media is the biggest thing since the internet came up. When you’re not on social media, people will look at you like a horn growing out of your forehead. I mean … if it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen, did it?

Now I understand that this article may offend some people. If you feel that you are under attack then you clearly have a guilty consciousness and therefore what you are reading is likely directed at you. Don’t be angry, brother. Just do a housecleaning and work on making some changes that will make you more believable and offer your huge audience the TRUTH about what sounds good and can make you the most money.

It seems like I started looking at some issues a little early above, so what do you say if we just jump right into things? Cool? Let’s go.

1. Exercising is YOUR job … not YOURS

A lot of the fitness influencers you see on social media, whether they’re trying to get you in shape or make you the ULTIMATE personal trainer and build a seven figure business, are a bunch of scammers. Yes i said so They are great at selling themselves and marketing their services and products. But it’s all nonsense to drag yourself in and spend your money. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?

These fitness influencers or “experts” want you to sign up for their VIP membership on their website, show up at one of their events, buy their course, buy their “custom and personalized” training and nutrition plans, or wait to … buy theirs Additions.

Their job is to stay in shape so that they will get you (I mean, convince you) to open your wallet. They have the option to spend all day at the gym doing weights and cardio and then going home to prep meals before posting their daily post on social media to sell you something that you can get your money for waste. Stop thinking that their life and yours are similar and that you can look like them while working 60 hours a week. Note: You may be able to do this, but it will take a lot of work and dedication.


2. Many fitness influencers are completely sold out

If there is money to be made, fitness influencers will. Affiliate codes, commissions, sponsored posts, product placement, tags, mentions, stories, whatever – if they can monetize it, they will. And listen, I respect the hustle and bustle, but how can you take someone seriously who promotes something new almost every day and tries to sell it to you so that they can fill their pockets in the backend? Most of the time, these people don’t even use the product they are selling. They just read from the topics of conversation the company gave them.

A good chunk of the followers you find on a fitness influencer page can also be fake. With an endless amount of DMs flooding people’s social media, you can bet someone will say they can get you more followers for a certain amount of money. It’s easy to see which fitness influencers are buying followers just by looking at their engagements. If they have over 100,000 followers but get 100 likes and 13 comments, it should tell you something.

But here it goes sideways quickly … OnlyFans. Damn it, I was there. I’m sure I won’t be opening my door anytime soon. But I’ve been following some fitness influencers who I thought were reasonably decent and one day you notice their content is changing and before you know it they want you to join their OnlyFans. I’ve really lost a lot of respect for these people and now I see them very differently when one of their posts shows up in my feed.

I’m not going to necessarily judge, but if that’s the path you need to go to make money, you’ve never been really good at the fitness industry anyway, so you’ve realized that you have to turn around and undress to get your money earn (that’s a shame). Each to their own, but good luck that people take you seriously in the real world or get a high-paying job if your OnlyFans account is a talking point at your interview (if you can even make it to that point).

3. A good physique doesn’t mean you are intelligent

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen someone on a show and the next day after they took a few pictures on stage, suddenly a personal trainer taking online clients (no matter if they?) Is first or last place in the program). I guess we’re keeping competitors on a podium for some reason? And that’s not disrespect for the competitors who are legitimate and who actually have something to offer customers between the ears.

Unfortunately, there are far too many fitness influencers out there who have fantastic physiques that are impressive as hell, but all they do is give you a stick out program (both workout and diet) that they found online or you just send sending the same thing your trainer gives you.

I even know very well that there are fitness influencers who sell their own “individual plans” and actually have nothing to do with them. What they do is outsource the work to someone who is actually qualified and knowledgeable to put the plans together. In essence, some of these fitness influencers are completely hands-free. Your email to them goes straight to a member of staff who does all of the work.

So before you scroll through your feed and see a derelict dude in his 50s selling duck eggs to look like him, call Bullshit right away and don’t get involved. Fitness influencers are great at what you do, that’s why they have such a huge following and an impact on social media. But that doesn’t make them qualified to help people achieve their goals. And no, most of them aren’t smart enough to come up with the motivational quotes they post. Don’t think for a minute that they are “inspirational”. They are also stealing these online from another source. Stop being fooled. It is time for someone to speak up and uncover the truth about these fitness influencers.

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