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Dexter Jackson’s Easy and Efficient Exercise For Larger Shoulders

Kevin Horton / M + F magazine

Dexter "The Blade" Jackson became a pro when he won the light heavyweight and overall victory at the 1998 North American Championships. Throughout his career, the 235-pounder used its immaculate proportions, shapes, and unworldly conditioning to defeat enemies who routinely outweighed him by more than 40 pounds.

The recently 50-year-old Olympic champion from 2008 continues to defy time.


Jackson's gills – capped to make the front and back poses appear wider, and the thickness of the front and back heads for greater depth in the side poses – are interspersed with stripes that give the impression that his skin has been peeled off Service.

His simple but effective routine hits all three heads for full development. Usually Jackson trains Delts once a week.


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