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Dexter Jackson To Retire at 2020 Mr. Olympia

by Christian Duque

It is time for the 9x Arnold Classic Champion and 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter "The Blade" Jackson to retire. Many of us thought for years that the day had come, only that Dexter could win more shows, land more covers and sign more contracts. He has silenced so many people every year, including myself, in any case.


That being said, the date for his last competition has been announced. In many ways, Dexter always presented the higher road as the high-ranking statesman among his colleagues. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who were often immersed in silly feuds, The Blade focused on the work needed to achieve the best possible build – that was what mattered. We never saw Jackson look sloppy either; He was always up to date and always an inspiration for countless fans. It was also a kind of bridge that spanned many generations. Dexter started in the 90s, 2000s and 2010s. He had to compete with Ronnie, Phil and Jay and won his own Olympic title in 2008. His run at the Olympics was spectacular and made his brand in the top 5 longer than anyone else. In fact, 7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath was always very concerned about Dexter's presence during much of his run and considered him (not Kai or anyone else) his main competitor. And that's exactly where it makes sense in the world. Dexter is always very dangerous and if you don't know it – learn it and do it terribly quickly!

Ironically, Dexter has been overlooked throughout his career. A few days ago I was angry about IG about this point and he and I talked extensively and privately. His fans, and I definitely consider myself one, are crazy about the fact that he doesn't get more press. He doesn't talk badly, he doesn't make crazy claims, he's reluctant and hard-working. Unfortunately, today's industry press seems to be obsessed with soundbits and sensationalism, so an old school bodybuilder like Dexter Jackson is often ignored. In addition, some experts depend on his age, although Dexter routinely destroys competitors 20 to 25 years his junior. Handicappers weren't too nice to him either.

You'd think that the most successful competitor in the history of bodybuilding with a Sandow and 9 Arnold titles would get loads of awards and attention, but that's just not the case. He has been an outsider throughout his career. Nobody thought he would win the Olympics, nobody thought he would go on after 40, and nobody thought he could reinvent himself at the age of almost 50. A look at Jackson from last year's Tampa Pro and you felt he could keep up forever !!

However, last year at the St. Louis Pro, Dexter indicated a possible retirement, but you also had that mood, as if it was something he really wanted to avoid. For what it's worth, I think Dexter could easily work as a top competitor for two, three, maybe even four or five years, but why not retire at the top now and open a new page? That's just the way it is, competition is just one of many ways it can go. The man is a living legend.

Once Dexter retires, the sky is the limit for him. He could put his team back together, he could work with A List celebrities and / or he could write books. He could go the media path like Shawn Ray, he could act like Bob Cicherillo, he could even start another supplement company. I mean, which media wouldn't stumble upon themselves to work with? He is also a very successful organizer of competitions and since the IFBB Pro League spreads like wildfire, he may even want to request more competitions. Who wouldn't want to take part in a Dexter Jackson competition?!?!


In terms of Mr. Olympia 2020, this will be Dexter's last competition. However, if someone thinks they're only running the competition as an excuse for a farewell speech, you should think twice. Very few champions at this level get the luxury of choosing their last competition, announcing it by this deadline, and really giving the press time to prepare. If I know The Blade, he'll give everything to this show! He may be doing a few Arnolds since he has already signed contracts, but when it's time to prepare for the Olympics, I feel like he and Charles Glass will have some tricks up their sleeves.

But what happens if Dexter wins in Columbus in less than three weeks? Most of you are probably saying what you've been saying all along that winners will be Bonac or Ramy without giving Dexter any chance. What happens if he wins? What happens when he gets upset in Las Vegas? Absolutely no one should rule that out. We are not talking about a 50 year old bodybuilder – we are talking about Dexter Jackson !!

Should there ever be a Masters Olympia again, a guy like Dexter could win it in his sleep. It could be like the 20s version of Vince Taylor and why not? He has not even retired and I am already considering scenarios in which he could continue to compete. It just shows how much Dexter Jackson means bodybuilding fans. It has become a staple. He is bodybuilding.

I hope we see a mountain of media interest for this living legend from all the major websites worldwide because the fans want to see it and we want to hear from it. I also hope that the organizers of every competition he takes part in blow up the net with graphics that focus on him, and I hope that the fans go crazy on every social media platform, every message board and through Get through word of mouth and really show your unconditional support for one of the most important bodybuilders of the past twenty years (if not always!).

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